Top 10 reasons to go on a horseback safari

“The essential joy of being with horses is that it brings us in contact with the rare elements of grace, beauty, spirit and freedom.”
~ Sharon Ralls Lemon

There are many ways to experience the African bush, but few are quite as intimate, and simultaneously exhilarating, as a horseback safari. It is a unique experience that bridges the gap between man and nature.

Here are the Good Safari Guide’s top 10 reasons to swap a four-wheeled safari for a four-legged adventure, and discover Africa on horseback.

      •     Horseback safaris are quiet and unobtrusive, allowing riders to get very close to wildlife without disturbing them.
      • Unlike game vehicles, horseback safaris are eco-friendly and do not contribute to noise and fume pollution in wilderness areas.
      • Being on horseback gives you more freedom to explore areas of the bush that are inaccessible by vehicle.
      • The photo opportunities are Instagram-worthy!
      • The pace is slower, allowing you to appreciate all the little aspects that are usually missed in a vehicle.
      • Sundowner rides in the afternoon are a truly spectacular way to wind down after a day in the bush.
      • Horseback safaris give you the opportunity to become a part of nature’s ‘play’, rather than just part of the audience.
      • The guides are excellent and passionate about their jobs, as well as about the horses. You can experience these remarkable men and women interacting with animals in a way that you wouldn’t in a game viewing vehicle.
      • You don’t always need to be an experienced rider to take part, it depends where you go. The horses are always well trained no matter where you go!
      • It’s more fun than sitting in a game vehicle – and kids can participate too.

      Are you ready and raring to go on a horse safari, yet?

      Us too!

      Our flavour of the month is Ant’s Hill and Ant’s Nest in the malaria-free Waterberg in South africa, owned by Ant and Tess Baber.

      From the horse’s mouth, this is how Tess Baber describes her home:

      ‘In the mid 1990’s we built our two beautiful bush homes on our own private game reserve, nestled in the folds of the magnificent malaria free Waterberg region of the Limpopo Province.’

      And the riding?

      ‘Ant’s is unique in that our horses live out in the bush and graze in and amongst the game, thus giving guests possibly the closest wildlife encounter on horseback in Africa, the game see the horses as just another animal. Together with our ultimate flexibility, incredible personal service, huge variety of game, additional activities and the ability to take all levels of riders, including children of all ages, sets us apart from other riding operations – particularly those in lion and elephant country.’

      Get in touch for advice on your horseback adventure in Africa!