Tanzania Safari for an 8 Year Old Child

8 year old boys on safari tanzania serengeti game viewing vehicle

I shed a little tear when reading this blog from an 8 year old on safari in Tanzania. In fact this is a blog by twins Harry and Felix, guests of sister company, tour operator Abambo Family Safaris, this Easter 2017.

If you are thinking of taking your kids on safari, or if you would like an insight into the unique perspective of a child on safari (key points for the boys appear to be the food, and that a Land Cruiser is Japanese), this one’s for you:

We were all very excited on Day One, we said goodbye to our house in London, and then we all got in a taxi all the way to the airport. We had dinner at the airport at a restaurant called The Wonder Tree, Harry had margarita pizza with tomato slices and Felix had a really yummy fruity smoothie. The first plane was huge, we were on it for seven hours so we played loads and loads of video games.

The second plane to Kilimanjaro was much smaller but we saw a gecko as soon as we got off the plane. Our first hotel called Mount Meru Game Lodge was amazing, like a mini zoo! It had a zebra, an ostrich, and lots of birds in the garden. We were greeted with some tropical juice!

The first thing we did was get our swimming things on and go in the pool. We swam two whole lengths and it was shallow at one end, but 1.8m deep at the other, and around 10m long. After swimming we found a crocodile, some porcupines and some turtles. Finally we had dinner which was mmmm! We helped light a campfire and then went to bed under our mosquito nets and slept.

8 year old game viewing with camera on safari in TanzaniaThe next day was our first full day so we woke up early from our comfy beds and took our malaria pills and went to breakfast. There were monkeys scampering up on the roof! We started with some fruit, then got some sausages and baked beans then a croissant. We packed our bags and got in the Land Cruiser which is Japanese. We all cheered because it was SAFARI TIME!

That day we saw (deep breath): monkeys, baboons, elephants, zebra, terrapins, waterbucks, hippos, storks, eagles, emerald doves, wildebeest, flamingo, antelope, giraffe, pelicans, impala, gazelle, warthog, goats, cows, dogs, egret, bee eater, donkey, water thick-nee, weaver, and many more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We had a massive picnic  and our guide Aaron opened the roof so we could sit on it. After all the safari-ing we visited a lodge called Gibbs Farm for lunch and a game of Uno in the garden. They were awesome and all gave us nice things to drink. We had a rest and then went to our giant tent that looked like a house near Lake Manyara. We saw the Lake Manyara hippo pool and it said on the sign, ‘magical living sponge’ it was very funny, and we all laughed.

After that we had a long and very bumpy drive around the edge of the Ngorongoro Crater which was massive. We ended up at The Four Seasons Hotel which was amazing. We had our own swimming pool in our room, and a water hole about five metres away from us where there were elephants drinking from it. It was the best. There was a terrapin on the water’s edge and a lizard on a rock. They even gave us a biscuit kind of safari with our names on in chocolate sauce. Masai warriors taught us how to make toothbrushes out of sticks too.

We had a go being the co-pilot flying over the Serengeti, we could see the dials and the weird seatbelt. When we got, there were snakes – aaaahhh!!!. And there were yellow billed storks (which a stalk with a yellow bill). In the Serengeti we saw lions feasting on freshly killed giraffe, and hungry hyenas waiting for the lions to go so they could eat the rest of the corpse. There were massive birds flying overhead. They gave us cool water bottles but they spelt Harry’s name like Herry.

After three nights there we had to go home but we saw Mt Kilimanjaro on the plane!!!!!!!!!!!

THIS   HAS BEEN THE BEST HOLIDAY EVER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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