Should I travel to Kenya?

Should I travel to kenya

Is it safe to go on safari in Kenya right now?

Everyone wants to go to Kenya.

And rightly so, it’s a wonderfully warm, welcoming and beautiful country…!

However, as a sign of the times, everyone has become a little wary of where they may travel.

We find we are asked the question more frequently these days:
Should I travel to Kenya? Is it safe to go on safari in Kenya right now?’

So we’d love to straighten up a few things..

YOU CAN DEFINITELY go on safari in Kenya right now – says the FCO!

And to back up the FCO with a little personal experience: The Good Safari Guide just visited and we all had the best safari ever, including a 5 year old and a 75 year old in our party!


Foreign Advisory

The Gov.Uk FCO is a government advice service with the aim of keeping its citizens out of harm when going abroad.

Whilst it suggests taking care when in certain places in Kenya, as it does with many countries, the key point here is that it does not consider any of the main wildlife or beach areas in Kenya to be unsafe.

The Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) advise against all but essential travel to*:

  • areas within 60km of the Kenya-Somali border
  • Garissa County
  • Lamu County (excluding Lamu Island and Manda Island)
  • areas of Tana River County north of the Tana river itself
  • within 15km of the coast from the Tana river down to the Galana (Athi-Galana-Sabaki) river

Just as in the States, in the UK, in Europe, and pretty much everywhere in the world, Kenya is not immune to the threat of fanatics.

And, just like many places in the world, if you stay away from big cities and border towns – particularly the border of Kenya with Somalia, you will find yourself in peaceful surrounds with welcoming locals.

Kenya is HUGE! Would you stay away from Scotland because London has trouble? Would you stay away from San Francisco because Las Vegas has trouble?

*As of 16th August 2017

Why Should I Travel to Kenya?

So now we know the places we shouldn’t visit, let’s look at some of the awesome Kenya places we should visit!

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    The teeming Maasai Mara

    This is the absolute jewel in Kenya’s crown, and is the home of the Great Wildebeest Migration for 4 months of the year Read more

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    The glistening beaches of Msambweni

    Down on the south coast you’ll find some of the most untouched beaches in Kenya, gently lapped by the warm Indian Ocean Read more

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    The photogenic wilderness of Amboseli

    Amboseli plays second fiddle to the Mara, and that’s just fine because crowds aren’t wanted down here in this huge wilderness Read more

Why should I travel to Kenya:
The Maasai Mara

This is the absolute jewel in Kenya’s crown, and is the home of the Great Wildebeest Migration for 4 months of the year.
A short little hop on a Cessna from Nairobi and you’re in the thick of it.
Top Safari Camp for the Mara: Cottar’s 1920’s as it’s in its own private reserve (more freedom and fewer people) with great access to the main Mara reserve.

Cottar’s 1920’s Safari Camp in Kenya

Why should I travel to Kenya:
The South Coast

The beaches on the Kenya Coast are spectacular because they refuse to be tamed.
Kenya is a leader in Africa in terms of beach and watersports too, so you’ll never be bored if lying about isn’t your thing!
Top Beach Accommodation on South Coast: Msambweni Beach House

Msambweni Beach House

Why Should I Travel to Kenya:
Amboseli National Park

Amboseli is the wonderfully scenic reserve in the south-east of Kenya.
It is somewhat renowned as it steals Mount Kilimanjaro as a backdrop from Tanzania, and it’s home to an impressive elephant population. It’s not the Mara but it’s iconic in its own right.
We recommend staying in a private conservancy, such as that of Porini Amboseli.

Porini Amboseli

We love Kenya: it’s one of our favourite spots on the planet, in fact. And it remains an absolute world-class leader when it comes to a safari.

We could chat all day about Kenya, and we’d be very happy to chat to you about your ideas for a trip to Kenya!
Just click below and we’ll get back to you.

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