The Luxurious Life on a Glamping Safari

When it comes to getting close to nature, camping is the way to go.

There is something magical about sleeping in a canvas tent, with the sounds of wildlife outside, knowing that the only thing between you and them is a fabric wall. However, we know what you are probably thinking: camping is uncomfortable and not exactly how you want to spend your holiday! But hear us out – you don’t have to be Bear Grylls to be able to enjoy the wilderness. What if we could combine all the creature comforts of being in a luxury lodge, with the exciting experience of sleeping in a tent? This new craze which is fast taking over the travel industry is called ‘glamping’ and is one of the best ways to experience the African bush, without forgoing the luxury.

Glamping Safari accommodation at Cottars 1920s Bush Camp. ©Cottars

What is a glamping safari?

While ‘glamping’ and ‘safari’ aren’t generally two words that you’d expect to find in the same sentence, the definition of this relatively new form of travel is quite self-explanatory. In a nutshell, it’s glamorous camping while still ensuring the feeling of being outside. Unlike a recreational campers’ experience, glamping is anything but rustic.

Glamping safari accommodation

Camping is synonymous with canvas tents, and glamping is generally no different. However, the similarities between camping and glamping end there. The luxury safari tents used for glamping safaris are fully-furnished and most of them are ‘built’ on permanent or semi-permanent structures like concrete or wood. Many of the tents also have electricity, mini bar fridges and comfortable places to relax.

Glamping includes comfortable beds. ©Somalisa Camp

You don’t have to worry about sleeping on an inflatable mattress or stretcher bed. Glamping includes comfortable (often king-sized) beds, perfect to spend the night dreaming about the next day’s safari adventure. In fact, one of the only differences between a luxury hotel room and a luxury tent is that it’s extremely rare to have a television in the tent. After all, why would you need a television on safari, when you can experience National Geographic or Animal Planet in real life?

The bathrooms form another important aspect of glamping. Just because you’re in a tent, doesn’t mean you have to use a long-drop! On the contrary, luxury safari tents have en-suite bathroom facilities and most of them even offer an outdoor shower. Some safari glamping accommodation options have more luxurious outdoor showers than many 5-star hotels have in their actual bathrooms! Just take a look at the outdoor showers at Under One Botswana Sky’s Rra Dinare Camp for example.

Under One Botswana Sky Rra Dinare Camp’s Outdoor shower. ©Under One Botswana Sky

The luxurious facilities on a glamping safari

Often the facilities of a glamping safari are so luxurious, that it’s easy to forget that you’re right in the middle of the bush. Don’t be surprised by the finishing touches like plush Persian carpets and chandeliers. But some finishing touches are a little more shocking than others. For example, Cottar’s 1920s Safari Camp’s family tents have living rooms with fireplaces! Yes, fireplaces! Somalisa Camp’s elegantly furnished Sail Tents with gauze sliding doors, also boasts glass wood-burner fireplaces for the cold winter nights. Who knew that you could have a fireplace in a tent?

Somalisa Camp’s elegantly furnished luxury tent accommodation. ©Somalisa Camp

Most hotels have gyms for the fitness fanatics that can’t go a day without a gym session, even when they are supposed to be relaxing on holiday. Well, you can even gym on your glamping safari.  Singita Sabora Tented Camp is situated in an untouched wilderness area of Grumeti Reserve, and offers a fully equipped gym that provides picturesque views of the bush, allowing you to keep an eye on the wildlife action outside while you work out.

Singita Sabora Tented Camp’s gym facilities. ©Singita Sabora Tented Camp

One of the hardest things many travellers need to give up on a camping safari is the internet. During your glamping safari experience, however, you don’t have to give up this modern luxury should you not wish to. Sentinel Mara Camp has Wi-Fi available even though they are located in a forest along the banks of the Mara River.  So, you can still make your Facebook friends jealous while enjoying a luxury camping experience!

Sentinel Mara Camp has Wi-Fi available. ©Sentinel Mara Camp

Do you believe us now that you don’t have to sacrifice comfort or luxury to get closer to nature? With only a canvas wall separating you from the elements and wildlife outside, a glamping safari certainly is the best of both worlds.

Get closer to nature on a Glamping Safari at Somalisa Camp. ©Somalisa Camp

If this sounds like your idea of a safari adventure get in touch with us. You will never forget waking up in a luxurious bed to the sounds of the African bush.