In Search of the Perfect Safari

lion and safari vehicle

What makes the perfect safari? That question is undoubtedly a popular one amongst travelers searching for the ultimate safari destination. We asked a few different types of ‘experts’ and this is what we found.

lion and safari vehicle

We asked Johan Taljaard, a ranger at Makakatana Bay Lodge, located in the iSimangaliso Wetland Park in South Africa:

‘First I think that one of the most beautiful things in Africa is a sunset as the sky is lit up buy all the colours whilst enjoying a sundowner and a night drive experience.

Second it’s about the activities. I love the boat trip we offer, on the greater lake St Lucia, with a great outdoor lunch that follows whilst listening to all the different birds and sounds out there. 

Thirdly let’s not forget the animals as their beauty and power speaks for itself; there is nothing more rewarding on a safari than to sit and enjoy Africa’s animals and just take in everything that is happening around you.’

We asked a group of well-travelled ladies with a little more time on their hands what they think makes the perfect safari.

‘It’s the moving from a to b; if this bit is done well, with people meeting you where they should be meeting you, then inevitably it will be a good trip’ says Jane.

‘It’s being totally informed about what to expect. It’s vital that the person who organises the trip for you has actually been there and can give you the absolute low down. If there are any unpleasant surprises then that can ruin the trip’ says Mandy.

‘It’s about the people; a good group will make or break the trip, no matter where you go’ says Mel

And finally we asked expert tour operators Rose and Marc  what they have gathered from their years of experience about what makes the perfect safari.

‘You know, Africa rarely disappoints. The Africans have been curating incredible experiences for absolutely years, and they know what they are doing.

If we had to choose a few conditions which combine to make the perfect safari, we would say make sure you have a top guide. If you have a guide who doesn’t know the area/the wildlife or worse, simply doesn’t really care (it happens!), it is going to ruin the experience for you. A good guide can get you excited about a mound of dirt or a dead leaf.

And secondly, go with a people you love spending time with, or make sure you’re going to a place with like-minded people. Every bit of feedback we’ve had over the years has shown us that a trip is absolutely made by the people you travel with or meet along the way.’

What do YOU think makes the perfect safari?