Free Private Guiding and Private Vehicle

Sausage Tree Zambia guiding team

This is the news we like to hear: free private guiding and private vehicle when on safari! And this is the news from Sausage Tree in Zambia, one of the Good Safari Guide’s much loved camps.

‘We are all about giving guests the very best experience possible.’ says owner Jason Mott. ‘In order to add value we include private guiding and private vehicles as standard, for all our guests. We believe this enhances a guest experience by offering them the flexibility to create an individually tailored safari itinerary.’

We agree Jason!Private Vehicle on Safari

Private vehicles mean you are undisturbed as you slow down and start to feel the bush in a way that is much harder with other guests on board. A private vehicle means you are closer to the guide who will inform and inspire you, rather than hearing second hand what he or she is saying to another guest. A private vehicle means you can get every photo you wish to get, from every angle. A private vehicle means you can take kids and not worry that they’ll disturb others, or be out too long for their attention span.

And your private guide is the icing on the cake – having that consistency throughout your stay is invaluable.

We think it’s always worth checking out who is going to be guiding your safari because he or she will make or break your trip. Even if you don’t know the names, you can always find out the guides’ qualifications ahead of your trip, and ask for how long the head guide has been operating, to give you a good idea. Most lodges and camps in the Good Safari Guide will have expert guides with top level qualifications.

And for those of you interested in visiting the wonderfully wild Zambia, this year the guiding team at Sausage Tree Camp is headed by Ryan Wilmot and Shayne Hodges who continue to grow and develop the guiding team (which this season consists of 11 licensed and qualified safari guides who are assisted by a further 2 boatmen and fishing guides!).

We love Zambia for the raw nature, and the ways in which you can get out and explore it: day & night game drives (night game drives are not possible in many parks in many countries so this is a special treat), walking safaris (likewise walking safaris – they’re not offered as standard when on safari, far from it), canoeing, boat cruises and even catch and release fishing.

So, free private guiding and private vehicle: what are you waiting for? Get in touch to find out more!