Christmas Safari in Africa

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“Then the Grinch thought of something he hadn’t before! What if Christmas, he thought, doesn’t come from a store. What if Christmas…perhaps…means a little bit more!”
–Dr. Seuss

As the days in Africa start to warm up and mother nature bursts into lush thick greenery we know that Summer is here. While some are preparing for a chilly white Christmas, Africa welcomes a warm green Christmas. And just like the lyrics of Andy Williams’ popular Christmas song states… “It’s the most wonderful time of the year!”

A Christmas Safari in Africa

Many people underestimate the quality of a safari experience during Africa’s summer season. The weather in Africa during this time is mostly hot and sunny with the occasional afternoon summer rain storm that helps to cool things down and green things up.

Not only does nature boom with new life, but many species also give birth to their young during the summer season. It’s so special and yet comical to observe the endearing antics of these youngsters learning to face life for the first time. From an elephant calf playing helicopter with its trunk to a young giraffe trying to balance on its long skinny legs.

A Christmas Safari in Africa

Christmas is the time where families and friends get together to create memories that will last a life time. It is about sharing quality moments together, and celebrating the festive season in your own unique way. A Christmas safari in Africa will be just that.

Going on an adventure with your family this festive season will help you reconnect and create and even stronger bond. Sharing special moments on a game drive and seeing the joy and excitement on the little ones’ faces when an elephant brush past the game drive vehicle. Priceless moments forever captured in time.

Africa also has endless choices for the sun and sea loving families. Build sandcastles on Zanzibar’s pristine white sandy beaches while admiring the pristine waters of the Indian ocean. Or explore the famous Prison Island where families can visit giant tortoises (they really are giant sized). You will be blown away by the number of tortoises around you some of them over a 100 years old. Guests also get to pet and feed them which is so much fun for all ages!

Christmas Safari Zanzibar Giant tortoises 1Christmas Safari Zanzibar Giant tortoises 1

Kids on safari

Your Kids will never be bored on a Christmas safari. So many lodges are now family friendly offering kid friendly activities that will keep them busy for hours. Below are just a few of our favourites, but you can also check out Abambo’ Family Safari’s post on where to find a private house for Christmas in Africa too:

Robin Pope Safaris Robin’s House in Zambia South Luangwa  –

It welcomes kids of all ages and will adapt the safari to each family depending on the needs and interests of everyone in the group. The Robin’s House guide has a fantastic way with children and will calmly and clearly explain the exciting wildlife sightings while on a game drive. Depending on the children’s ages there are a whole range of activities available to them including game drives, nature walks where they can learn about animal spoor and droppings, star gazing and even a children’s pack with crosswords and dot to dot activities to make learning about the bush fun.

The team at Robin’s house will involve your kids in various exciting activities.

Cottar’s 1920s Camp and Bush Villa in Kenya –

The Maasai Warrior School will have your kids talking for years to come! The skills taught depend on the children’s age and ability and include fire making; spear throwing; bow and arrow practice; Maasai jumping, dancing, singing and tracking. A certificate is given at the end of the experience; and, for those skilled enough to hit the targets, a wooden bow and (nonlethal) arrow is provided as a prize. Proud parents can cheer from the side-lines, join in on the fun or leave the traditions to student and teacher and go on their own safari during this time.

The Maasai Warrior School at Cottars

Robin Pope Safaris Pumulani in Malawi-

Guests can enjoy a sunset or sunrise cruise on a 40ft traditional, hand crafted dhow. It is a slow and relaxing way to enjoy the tranquillity of Lake Malawi with the family, away from technology and other distractions. Under water activities never fail to amaze in Malawi as the lake is home to more native fish species than any other in the world. Just imagine the excitement when they find Nemo!)

Kids baking cookies with Robin Pope Safaris Pumulani team.

Ants Hill and Ants Nest in South Africa-

Here the focus is on family safaris. The Ant Collection has an abundance of exciting and thrilling safari activities to offer kids of all ages, allowing them to leave with an intimate knowledge of the bush. Some of the exciting activities for the young ones include; led pony rides for beginners or under 4 years, bug and spoor walks and swimming with the horses.

Kids are welcome on game drives at Ants Hill and Ants Nest

Robin Pope Safaris Mkulumadzi lodge in Malawi-

Located on the Shire and Mkulumadzi Rivers, it is the perfect spot for children to explore the natural beauty of Malawi and learn about the local fauna and flora. The friendly guides and staff are always on hand and offer daily activities that the whole family can participate in – game drives, nature walks, boating safaris on the Shire River, picnic lunches and trips in to the surrounding communities to experience what life in Malawi is all about.


Kids exploring in the Majete Wildlife Reserve in Malawi

It’s the season for giving

Christmas is the season for giving, so why not take the opportunity to use your Christmas safari in Africa to help the communities. There are many lodges committed to Responsible Tourism which partner with various organisations to help make a difference in the communities that they operate in. Find out from your lodge how you can get involved or pack for a purpose (Use small available space in your luggage to provide supplies to communities that you are going visit.)

The benefits of an African Christmas

Here are some benefits for in case you need some more motivation to book a Christmas Safari in Africa…

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    Great Weather

    You won’t be stuck indoors with your family and kids getting bored.

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    You don’t have to cook Christmas dinner

    No more stuffing the turkey! A buffet of tantalising Christmas menus await you at your lodge.

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    No more Bony M on repeats

    Christmas jingles are replaced by the sounds of nature. From an elephant trumpeting to hyena calls in the night.

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    No Christmas traffic

    The only road block you will have on your Christmas safari is the wildlife wandering along the roads.

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    Sundowner drinks will beat Eggnog any day

    There is just something magical about an African Sunset. And this is usually celebrated with a traditional sundowner in hand (your drink of choice)

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    O’ starry night

    There are no city lights in the African bush enabling you to fully enjoy the night sky with millions of stars twinkling above you.

We can think of many more reasons why a Christmas safari is the best thing for your family but it is just something you must experience to understand the magic of it.

You never know… A Christmas in Africa could be the start of a new family tradition.

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