Tour de Tongabezi with Luxury Travel Blogger

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Top luxury travel blogger, Misha Gillingham from Wildluxe, recently visited Tongabezi for two nights and documented her short trip with a camera and GoPro in tow. We’re so thankful that she did because my oh my, it is a wonderful account of what it’s like to stay there.

Although the Victoria Falls is one of the top reasons many people travel to Zambia, Misha can attest that there is so much more to love about the country and Tongabezi in particular.

Here are just a few of those reasons that may leave you wanting to know more:

1. The Nut House

“It was spacious and artistically decorated with textiles from all over the continent. It had its own private infinity plunge pool overlooking the Zambezi and a luxurious bathroom with a large tub and hanging lanterns. After a day out on safari, it was perfect to come back to the comfort of my room, sink into a deep bubble bath and watch the sun spread its warmth over the sky as it set into the shadows.”

Wildluxe visits Tongabezi
2. The River Safaris

“The river safari was so different from anything I’d ever experienced before. It was both exhilarating and fascinating. With some concern that I might wind up as an imported delicacy for a hungry lion, or that a protective mama hippo would set her massive jaws into motion on me, my inner sensation was an unusual mixture of fear and the thrill of seeing such stunningly beautiful animals. There were hippos, monkeys, wildebeests, elephants, baboons, zebras, many different kinds of deer, warthogs, and crocodiles… each one remarkable to watch in their natural habitat. Each time we went out, it was if we were the only people on the river.”

Tongabezi river safari
3. The Local School Children

“The owners of Tongabezi opened a small school called Tujatane, which started with a just a few children and gradually developed into a full school which now serves over 240 underprivileged local children. The children are clothed, fed, and educated through Tujatane. Meeting these children was a true joy. Their precious little faces shined bright with genuine smiles, and they were so intelligent. They presented us with a performance of song and dance, which was the most wonderful thing to witness. These children compete annually in a national competition, and several times in a row they’ve won the title for Best Traditional Dancers in Zambia; and they’ve also won awards in drama and poetry.”

Wildluxe visits Tongabezi
Most guests recommend a minimum three-night stay to enjoy all that Tongabezi has to offer, but I’d listen to Misha when she recommends five or six nights in her video!

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