Top 4 Safari Experiences At Cottar's 1920s Camp

For the ultimate ‘Out of Africa’ safari experience, Cottar’s 1920s Camp is the place to be.  Cottar’s captures the romance of a classic Kenyan safari from a bygone era.  Have your own love affair with Africa just as Karen & Denys did with Cottar’s top 4 safari experiences…

  1. Vintage Safari

At Cottars the mystic of a bygone era comes to life. The whole safari experience, from cream canvas tents to vintage game viewing vehicles, is set to encompass the golden era of safari. Sit in your tent overlooking the Mara plains and sip an ice cold G&T delivered by your personal butler whilst the boundless game wanders in front of you. Following an afternoon of wildlife viewing and relaxation guests will be treated with a lavish, candle-lit dinner in one of the main mesh tents. How very colonial darling!

Cottar's - double tent

  1. Wildebeest Migration

Possibly one of the most impressive sights in Africa is the immense wildebeest migration that numbers up to over 2.5 million animals. Watch huge herds of these impressive mammals trek across the endless Kenyan savannah in search of better feeding grounds. There is nothing quite like observing this marvelous spectacle to make you appreciate the raw African wilderness.

Cottar's - wildebeest migration

  1. Bush Bath

Slide into your sizeable bathtub set up in the savannah and breathe in the fresh, distinctive smells of wild Africa. Observe the Mara and Serengeti grasslands spread out in front of your eyes and let your body and soul revive. Bathing in the middle of the African bush is an intimate and unique way to experience nature.

Cottar's - outdoor bath

  1. Sunrises

The unprecedented African sunrises are one of Kenya’s many gifts to its visitors. View the bright red sun rising above the tall acacia trees whilst you sit on your tent’s verandah and let your mind wake up to a new day in your safari haven. The pure beauty of this daily yet exceptional phenomenon simply cannot be described – it needs to be experienced.

Cottar's - sunrise


Cottar’s are one of the top 100 safari camps in the Good Safari Guide & consistently perform exceptionally well against the best in the Safari Awards.