The Musango Magic as felt by Guests

Those who don’t believe in magic have never been to Musango.

This may sound like a very bold statement, but the truth is that Musango holds a special magic for those who travel to their private isle on Lake Kariba. It’s a magic that keeps guests coming back year after year. So, potential new visitors, consider yourselves duly warned – you will find yourselves cast under their spell!

Lake kariba safari

This magic comes in many forms. It’s in the subtle enchantment of the lovingly tended vegetable garden from which all your salads are made. It’s in the charm of owner Steve who could talk your ears off about his 200-million-year-old dinosaur fossils or the muddiest of elephants that rule the waterways with such personality.

Big or small, these elements create what is known as the ‘Musango Magic’ by guests.

Here are a few of Musango’s TripAdvisor excerpts to give you a real taste of what to expect:

Natasha: “Perfect spot in the Zimbabwean bush”

“We were looking for a spot to spend Christmas in Africa and Musango turned out to be the perfect away from home. Steve, Wendy, and their children are lovely people who truly love Zimbabwe and know the area like no other. Instead of snow we spent the holiday looking for lions, watching elephants take a mud bath, and having sundowners on Lake Kariba. We were self-drivers and the trip from Vic Falls takes about 10 hours through the bush – this drive let us see the part of Zimbabwe that most don’t and was a great adventure (4×4 only).

Christmas safari at Musango

Once we arrived we were treated to delicious food and surrounded by warm people. Can’t wait to return one day.”

Mike Graham: “One doesn’t go every year if you do not love the place”

“Steve and Wendy, as private owners, operate the camp as it should be. It is a safari camp so do not expect luxury silk sheets, wifi and a spa. The rooms are comfortable and of adequate size. Rooms 7 and 8 have a plunge pool. All the rooms face the rising sun. Wake up is 0500 if you want to do activities. Brunch around 1130-1200, afternoon tea at 1530 and dinner around 2000. Dining is Al Fresco unless weather has a say in which case it is in the dining area. The lounge area is situated so that the breeze blows through. No glass windows and doors here! Wendy and the chef produce great food from a very varied menu. Local fish are very tasty. Steve is a great guide and very knowledgeable. He is very proud of his fossil sites dating back 200 Million years. A trip to the fishing village is very educational otherwise game drives, boat cruises and fishing. A bush walk is also available. We spent 10 days there and loved every minute. You won’t be disappointed and if you just want to chill out then this is the place. The staff have been there years and are like second family now. A must visit as this sort of place is rare.”

Lake Kariba fishing

Joanna: “Words can’t describe this very special place”

“Not only were Steve and Wendy the most amazing hosts but all the staff are wonderful – warm, welcoming, extremely knowledgeable and a pleasure to be with and the food was absolutely delicious. This is our third time to visit Musango over a 15-year period and the first time for our 3 boys who had a wonderful time – fishing, game viewing, swimming, star gazing and looking for scorpions at night …. they won’t ever forget their time spent here. We were lucky to see lion and spent an entire game drive following and watching them – very special. Steve is so knowledgeable and such fun to be with – we’re saving for our next trip. Thanks again to all the staff – we’ll be back.”

Lake Kariba safari