Stargazing at Lake Kariba

Lake Kariba is Africa’s largest man-made lake and is widely known for its stunning sunsets, fighting tiger fish, and boating safaris. It’s only once the sun sets and the skies darken that this wilderness setting tells a different kind of story. It is a narrative that twinkles.

Tucked away on a private island on the shores of Lake Kariba, Musango Safari Camp offers stargazing opportunities so guests can witness southern Africa’s captivating celestial ceiling.


Crystal clear skies, pontoon viewing platforms, and zero light pollution make Lake Kariba an ideal location for ‘heaven watching’. Owner of the camp and bushman at heart, Steve Edwards, shares a little more about the experience and how it came to be a fan favourite activity at camp:

“Living on this paradise island called Musango; one can only stare in absolute awe at the heavenly wonders above – our stars and planets.As more and more guests visit to be awakened by this grand spectacle up above, accentuated by the lack of light pollution, it occurred to me how little most of us know of the stars and planets.Almost all of our guests arrive from the first world and do not have the opportunity to see, let alone enjoy the wonders of the universe, simply because they can’t see through the light pollution.

This triggered a desire to learn more and soon became another one of my passions I have developed by virtue of living in the remote wilderness, far from any city, town or development.

We purchased a Swarvoski 25-60 power telescope some years ago and it is such a thrill to introduce our guests and friends to such iconic heavenly bodies, such as Saturn, with its mesmerising rings encircling a rusty planet and Jupiter, the giant gas with her huge ‘red spot’ and equatorial rings.”

Each season brings a unique set of nightly wonders. In wintertime guests can expect to see Leo in all its splendour and the early rise of Scorpio. In summertime, the constellations Orion and Taurus are visible as well as the open star, Pleiades, and the Dog Star, Sirius. The most rewarding sights are always Saturn, Venus, Jupiter and Mercury and their fascinating relationship to ancient Greek Mythology.

A visit to Musango would not be complete without a stargazing session with Steve and a few night sky tales. Orion’s separation from Scorpio and the Pleiades sisters’ marriages (except for the one who is pursued by Orion the hunter) are a few of Steve’s specialties.


The night sky of southern Africa offers some of the best stargazing on the planet. Grab your front row seat to the twinkling sensations at Lake Kariba!