Safari with a Purpose: Ant Collection’s Annual Game Census Safari

Ant's game census safari - guests riding out for the day's excitement

“Live with a purpose”, we often hear people say. For those who live at and run safaris at the Ant Collection in South Africa’s Waterberg region, “safari with purpose” is a better use of the phrase.

Every year between May and June, the Ant Collection hosts an extra special safari week that drives visitors from all over the world. Guests’ rush over to be part of their annual game census safari and this year was no different. Visitors from the US, England, Germany, Switzerland, Scotland, and Ireland all saddled up for an action-packed week in the name of wildlife conservation management.

Ant's game census safari - horse trail

It’s a totally different safari experience that gives guests a deeper appreciation for the operational and conservational side of the safari business. From game counting and darting, to capturing and relocating wildlife, the activities all have a unique purpose: to keep the private reserve and its animal residents thriving.

Traditionally game censuses are done by helicopter, but the lodge firmly believes performing the operation on horseback remains more accurate and less expensive than a helicopter and most importantly, causes zero disturbance to the wildlife.

Ant's game census safari

The much anticipated 2015 game census safari proved another successful event with no injuries incurred to either man or beast. The horses were willing and responsive from the start of the week to the very end and the participants also remained dedicated and willing riders, spending long hours in the saddle to get the daily tasks completed.

However the top highlights of the week were the successful captures of the sable bull, buffalo heifer, and the giraffe – all which took extreme coordination. Riders circled the game in numbers, fast reaction time was key, and the love of each moment’s rush was contagious.

Sable Capture:

Ant's game census safari - sable capture

Buffalo Capture:

Ant's game census safari - buffalo capture

Giraffe Capture:

Ant's game census safari - giraffe in capture crate

“A game census safari or a safari with a purpose.” Whatever you’d like to call it, it’s wild and wonderful chance to become part of wildlife conservation while giving your heart a reason to skip a beat in the bush.

Contact the Ant Collection to be part of 2016’s adventure.

Ant’s Hill one of the lodges which forms part of the Ant Collection are in the running for the 2016 Safari Awards Best Ecologically Responsible Safari Property.  Their annual game census safari alone puts them in good stead against some tough competition.  Voting is now open so get your votes in for this sterling eco-conscious bush lodge.