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Your expert guide to the best safaris in Africa

We, the editors at the Good Safari Guide, monitor a steadily growing 800+ safari lodges and camps in Africa, thankfully with the help of over 5,000 african travel specialists whom we call friends, and our sister company, the independent Safari Awards.

As a result, the Good Safari Guide is an accurate listing of not only good safari lodges, but the top safari lodges, camps, houses and mobile operations you can find.

Our blog is the result of us snuffling around to find you snippets of what’s going on out there in the bush. And believe us, there is always something going on in the bush!

For those who have been on safari, our blog aims to take you back to reminisce, and for those who haven’t yet been on safari, our blog aims to inspire you.

Who We Are

The Good Safari Guide is headed up by writer and safari expert Rosanne Cobb – CEO of Abambo Safaris – and is supported by a dedicated team based in the UK and Africa.

Between us we are able to deliver accurate, impartial information, helping you cut through the online marketing hype and get to the facts.

We particularly love to chat so pick up the phone with any of your safari queries!

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