New Luxury Safari Camp Rra Dinare

Luxury safari camp Rra Dinare

Botswana is at the top of many travellers’ safari destination wish-lists, and Under One Botswana Sky just took the safari standard up a notch by opening their brand new luxury safari camp Rra Dinare.

The name ‘Rra Dinare’ means ‘Father of many buffalo’ in the local Setswana language, and the new luxury safari camp Rra Dinare is located adjacent to the buffalo-rich Moremi Game Reserve on the south-eastern side of the Okavango Delta.

luxury safari camping Rra Dinare

Luxury Safari camping in Botswana

Rra Dinare: Luxury Safari Camp Review

Luxury safari camp Rra Dinare

Rra Dinare’s luxury rooms

Become one with nature when staying in one of the eight luxurious tented abodes or in the family tent at Rra Dinare.

Falling asleep to the sounds of distant hyena calls or lion roars is all part of the experience at this magnificent safari camp. And while the camp may be tented, it certainly doesn’t compromise on the creature comforts or little luxuries. Great attention and thought has been put into every little detail at camp. Outdoor showers in each suite are just one of the wild and wonderful allures awaiting guests at Rra Dinare.

Luxury safari camp Rra Dinare

The luxurious outdoor showers at Rra Dinare

Set in the heart of the Okavango Delta, the canvas-clad suites overlook the Gomoti River floodplains, ensuring that guests never miss any wildlife action.

Luxury safari camp Rra Dinare

Magnificent views of the Gomoti River floodplains from the rooms

Building a luxury safari camp in the bush comes with its fair share of challenges. Rra Dinare had to carefully consider the environment when building the camp, and find ways to fit into the environment without disturbing nature. Elevated walkways link the rooms to the main lodge, except for the last two units on the northern end where the path drops down to the ground level allowing the passing game to stroll through.

Luxury safari camp Rra Dinare

Elevated walkways link Rra Dinare’s rooms to the main lodge

Campfire tales go hand-in-hand with a safari camp experience and Rra Dinare’s fire pit creates an idyllic setting for sharing wildlife stories with other guests after a great day exploring the Delta. For those not in the mood for chatting, guests can simply soak up the fantastic views on offer.

Luxury safari camp Rra Dinare

Rra Dinare’s fire pit creates an idyllic setting for sharing wildlife stories

It’s not just the decks that offer spectacular scenery, even the loos at Rra Dinare come with a bush view! So even when nature calls, you can scout for roaming wildlife from your ‘throne’ in camp. With no concrete walls and an open-plan design, guests are treated to the full ‘bush experience’ while staying at Rra Dinare.

Luxury safari camp Rra Dinare

Rra Dinare’s loos with a bush view

Wildlife sightings at Rra Dinare

Game viewing in the Okavango Delta can be likened to a scene from “Noah’s Ark”, except you’ll see much more than just two of each species you spot. Life at a Botswana luxury safari camp comes with the promise of endless wildlife sightings.

Positioned on the South-East side of the greater game area of the Okavango Delta, Rra Dinare overlooks a water saturated area where there is prolific birdlife, roaming antelope and curious elephants. Buffalo are also plentiful, hence the inspiration for the camp’s name, and there are two resident dugga boys that hang around the territory.

Dugga boys are probably the riskiest buffalo to encounter. ‘Dugga’, meaning ‘mud’, is the name given to the older male buffalo that have passed their prime breeding age and are unable to keep up with the rest of the herd, so they spend most of their time at mud wallows and are known to be rather grumpy chaps.

Luxury Safari Camp Rra Dinare

A Dugga boy at Rra Dinare

Another member of Africa’s big five is also common in this region – the lion. The resident lion pride has become specialists at bringing down giraffe, which is quite an accomplishment for the cats and requires teamwork.

In addition to lions, leopards are also known to hang around the area. In fact, just recently the staff at Rra Dinare reported a leopard kill under one of the room decks! It just goes to show that while game drives are always fun, sometimes you don’t even need to leave camp to experience exciting wildlife sightings.

Luxury safari camp Rra Dinare

Lions at Rra Dinare

Luxury safari camp Rra Dinare

Elephants at Rra Dinare

Real Guests say it best

Paul Changuion recently visited Rra Dinare and gladly shared his luxury safari camp experience:

“The rooms are awesome, equipped with all you need with very nice new showers and room layouts.  I love sleeping in the tents because you hear the wildlife outside during the night, from the hyena and lion to the small animals of the night. The main lodge is a great place to chill and the awesome fire pit on the deck makes for a great place to study the night sky.”

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