Lions do the funniest things!

There’s no hiding the fact that lions are the kings and queens of the animal kingdom. They whole-heartedly embody the symbol of strength and courage. They have few competitors and as an aside, they are royally good looking.

Behind all the battle scars and good looks though, did you know lions like to have fun just like the rest of us? Robin Pope Safaris has been witness to their antics in the South Luangwa for decades.One thing’s certain; their social etiquette is amusing to say the least.

Let’s get you up to speed with these comedic cats.

Did you know…lions love to read?

A pair of lionesses recently wandered into Tena Tena and helped themselves to some light reading. By ‘light reading’ we literally mean one of the females removed a book from the nearby coffee table and proceeded to flick, lick, and chew through the pages. It’s safe to say all ladies, even the ones with four paws and a tail, love literature.

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Did you know…lions play tug of war?

This time a pair of youngsters at Nsefu waltzed into camp during breakfast and decided to play a quick game of tug of war with the rope which is effectively the door to a the “loo with a view.” Lion cubs or overgrown house cats? It’s debatable…

Lions at Robin Pope Safaris
Did you know…lions do the dishes?

While the boys were being boys and playing with the rope, a young lioness made herself comfortable at the bar and licked one of the side plates clean. In the end, the plate survived the dishwashing session, the rope survived the tugs, and eventually the lions lost interest in their toys and moved on to their next act.

Lions at Robin Pope Safaris

Did you know…lions take part in Wacky Wednesday?

When you spot a lion cub swinging around a buffalo tail for fun, you know it’s a crazy hump day! On a Wednesday game drive into the national park, a pride of lions were having some marvellous fun hunting buffalo while one little member was more interested in playing with the tail. It was a wacky sight indeed.

Lions at Robin Pope Safaris
Did you know…lions love a good battle?

This one is definitely one of the more obvious ones, but their hunting skills shouldn’t be underestimated. Two lucky guests at Nsefu were able to watch a lion kill from start to finish. The stalking, the hunting, and the killing were all caught on camera. Two lionesses attempted to take down a buffalo and were successful, even with the rest of the buffalo herd coming to aid their fallen comrade.

Lions at Robin Pope Safaris