It’s baby season in the bush!

It’s the cutest season of all on safari and that’s because it’s baby season in the bush!

From late August until November and onwards into southern Africa’s green season, animal babies abound on safari. The rains transform the barren, dry landscape into one ruled by a variety of lush, green vegetation. This means more food and water for all the wildlife and consequently, more baby making! As comical as it may sound, the happier the animal’s belly, the greater chance of family expansion.

Each year, you’ll find Musango Safari Camp itching for the first sign of rains to arrive, because that means one very exciting thing –welcoming little ones into the world of wildlife. Recently the island bush camp’s wish came true in a massive way, as three different species of young entered the safari scene.

Let the “oohing and aahing” commence:

Elephant calf

Guests were lucky to spend some quality time with an elephant calf and her mum while out on a game drive in the Matusadona National Park. The youngster was first spotted taking a short siesta, followed by a light supper, and then toddled off into the distance with mum. It was an incredibly tender between the two, especially watching the baby ellie nursing.

Elephant calf at Musango

Elephant calf, Zimbabwe

Fun Fact: Elephants have the longest pregnancy out of all animals – 22 months from conception until they finally give birth, which means that they are with child for nearly two years!

Bushbuck calf

Bushbuck roam free on the island and are always a great attraction to the children who can sometimes get close enough to feed them. The kids now happily have one new little member to feed once it gets used to its four currently wobbly legs!

Bushbuck at Musango in Zimbabwe

Fun fact: Mothers are very protective over their calves. They will even go to great lengths to eat their young’s dung in order to make sure no scent remains to attract predators.

Lion cubs

What’s cuter than a lion cub? 6 lion cubs! 6 fury bundles of joy have been entertaining guests during recent game drive outings. The most endearing sighting was witnessing a hunting lesson with mum. “Ready, set, crouch” seemed to be the key takeaway…

Lion cubs at Musango

Lion cub, Zimbabwe safari

Fun fact: Female lions synchronize the births of their cubs within their pride so they can take turns babysitting their little ones. The cubs will even nurse from any female, not just their own mother.

Love has clearly been in the air at Musango and guides and guests have been soaking up the cuteness of the youth of today as they settle into life in the bush. They won’t stay little for long, but you can catch them ambling around with their mothers, siblings or herds for a few months to follow.