Instagrammers Get Active in Zanzibar

Kiteboarding in Zanzibar

There is more to a beach holiday than tan lines, cocktails, and pretty sunsets. While it’s nice to kick back in the sand and become what it means to be a beach bum, some coastal vacations are meant to get your feet wet.

Cue Zanzibar! Part of its allure is the activities that abound below and above the water. The chance to dive into the underworld, flipper up with dolphins, and freeze time in mid-air are all very real opportunities.

And thanks to social media, adventure seekers have taken to Instagram to document their wild fun in the sun. Shall we take an insta-vacation with Zanzibar Watersports?

Here are our favourite island snaps that prove Zanzibar is more than a place to rest your bum in the sand:

1. Scuba Diving

Instagrammer @seethebeautifulworld snags a sea turtle selfie while scuba diving at Mnemba Atoll. Cruising above the coral, weightless and free, is one of the coolest feelings only a dive can give you. Whether you are a first time diver getting comfortable underwater or you’ve been doing it for years, Zanzibar’s diving opportunities are second to none.

Diving in Zanzibar
2. Kiteboarding

Instagrammer @amavelsm captures a kite surfer catching some major air in Paje, a village on the island of Unguja that is known for their kite action. Virtually untouched by crystal clear, shallow waters, this is where you want to give kiteboarding a try.

Kiteboarding in Zanzibar
3. Surfing

Instagrammer @steffi.zanzibar gives us a salty taste of Zanzibar’s secret waves against the backdrop of a gorgeous sunrise. You can expect uncrowded surfs with beginner spots, advanced waves, and good vibes alike.

Surf Zanzibar
4. Fishing

Instagrammer @2the_sea sneaks in a fishing session in the early morning. Zanzibar is home to some of Africa’s best deep sea fishing grounds. The channel between Zanzibar and Pemba in particular is an internationally renowned site that gives big game fisherman a run for their money.

Big game fishing in Zanzibar

5. Snorkeling

Instagrammer @olivervidal51 casually swims with dolphins while putting his best fin forward in the warm waters of the Indian Ocean. The most famous place to snorkel in Zanzibar is the Mnemba Atoll Marine Reserve because of its abundant marine life. Encounters with dolphins, endangered green turtles, reef sharks, schools of snappers and fusilier can be expected.

Snorkeling in Zanzibar

Are you ready to turn your Zanzibar insta-vacation into a real one? Get active with Zanzibar Watersports!