Fundu Lagoon: A True Island Hideaway

Fundu Lagoon Jetty

The water was like glass, completely flat and see-through with a colour spectrum that Dulux would be proud of! I sat and waited just looking at the glorious sun shimmering off our wake and seeing the land getting smaller in the distance. Then it happened… from nowhere a stunning adult Spinner Dolphin cleared the water completely, diving back in without even a splash! A perfect 10 on any judging panel. Another, then more and finally the Bottlenose Dolphins followed their lead and decided to make an appearance; within 5 minutes around 40 Dolphins were putting on a spectacular show all trying to outshine each other. The captain with a massive smile turned to me and said, “Welcome to Fundu Lagoon

Fundu Lagoon is an all tented beach lodge situated on Pemba which is a 20 minute flight from Zanzibar, Lush green and very tropical the island has a completely different feel to Zanzibar and as I learnt having come off the Madagascan land mass many millions of years ago, it’s a truly unique destination in its own right. The 18 tents are dotted along the hillside and beachfront offering privacy and wonderful views over Fundu Lagoon. The resort is truly authentic with as much as possible being made and sourced in Pemba itself. The ambiance is incredible and oozes a ‘Robinson Crusoe’ back to nature experience.

Evenings are incredibly special with cocktails served at the Jetty Bar which is by far the best place to watch the stunning sunsets on a daily basis, guests congregate and share stories of what they got up to that day, either fishing, diving, snorkelling or doing nothing at all! Either way it’s a relaxed and friendly atmosphere often leading to large tables for dinner. One evening they did a beach BBQ with open fires and the most incredible food and with no light pollution the stars were amazing!

Being only accessible by boat Fundu Lagoon is a true island hideaway, although she feels miles from the real world she is incredibly easy to get to from Zanzibar which makes it the perfect place to end your safari or just have a complete rest and relaxation holiday on your own beach – my idea of heaven!

Account Director Mark Renshaw has just returned from Pemba for any information please feel free to contact him on