For the Love of Horses and Bush Cuisine at The Ant Collection

What’s better than a horseback ride in pursuit of catching the last rays of the afternoon sun and an ice cold G&T after? For many of The Ant Collection’s guests it’s also about the ride back to the lodge knowing a homemade bush dinner waits.“Giddy up” is the most often heard phrase during the trail ride back.

Ant's - galloping home to dinner Ant's - dining room

The table is set, the tummies are grumbling, and the chef makes his grand entrance to introduce the 3 course meal of the evening.

Ant's - dining under the stars

Tantalising the taste buds” is the bush cuisine motto and the chefs live up to the saying night after night. Home away from home with an elegant twist is the cooking style, just like your grandma Betty would have liked it.

Ant's - starter

 No one dining experience is the same as the next and that’s the beauty of an Ant’s visit. Different foods, different styles, and different settings make meal times a truly unique experience. When weather permits, dining in nature is always the number one prize for guests, chefs, and horses alike.

Ant's - chef bbqing

Ant's - dining by the river

Winter is approaching the Limpopo province where the luxury safari lodge resides, and that means a South African traditional potjie will be on the menu as a grandiose main dish. Slow-cooked is the secret to this recipe’s success and simmers away during the day while guests are enjoying the wilder side of the bush.

Ant's - zebra

Bobby Laurens describes why she returns to Ant’s Hill time and time again: “My friends all think I’m going nuts, going to the same place over and over again. What I try to explain to them is that every experience at Ant’s Hill is so unique. Some things are consistent though and they are the wonderful food, the fantastic lodging, and the unbelievably wonderful staff.”

Ant's - outdoor dining

Both lodges at the Ant Collection, Ant’s Nest & Ant’s Hill, are nominees in the 2016 Safari Awards, don’t forget to vote for your favourite.