Following Botswana's Giants with SGS

SGS Africa Elephant swimming

Elephants are amazing creatures with social structures and complex family interaction that we are yet to really begin to understand. Watching these giants making their lazy way through the bush, with SGS’s expert guides, is a sight to behold and nowhere has better wild elephant viewing than Botswana. The current estimate is that over 100,000 elephants traverse the country and The Best of Botswana Mobile Safari is one of the best ways to share their world.

From the large lone bulls of Savute to large herds congregating along the Chobe River (sometimes in their hundreds) you will have the opportunity to witness the biggest bull elephant standing over the smallest new born as well as watching the babies waving their trunks in the confusion that comes from having a large protrusion coming out of your face and having no idea how to use it. Both Chobe and Moremi offer the possibility to watch the elephants play, swim and turn into submarines as they cross deep water to enjoy distant lush green grass.

As you move through the various ecosystems that Botswana offers you could spend hours watching these giants as they continue their wanderings throughout the day, taking in some of the best game areas in Southern Africa you may well also have your attention pushed and pulled from one side to the other. It may be the excitement of tracking a leopard, finding a lion lazing in the shade, or seeing a flash or brown as the wild dogs career across your path after a fleeing impala. At the end of day it is all about you taking time with our expert guides to appreciate the nature around you and understand the fascinating way that nature inter-reacts. Whether this is in your own private mobile camp or out in a boat, 4×4 or mokoro; SGS aims to give you the best safari experience.

Have you ever tried snorkelling? ¬†Imagine a baby elephant trying this for the first time. It is not a sight to be missed. Follow these intelligent giants and their young through Botswana’s prime game areas, find out how from the best in the safari business.