Editor's Pick: Safari & Beach


‘Exactly as it says on the tin’, pure and simple.  Safari & Beach is an independent travel company with infectious enthusiasm and outstanding knowledge of African Safaris and the continent’s most indulgent beach destinations.  They exist because of their infinite love for Africa and believe, ‘If you have been before, you will almost certainly love Africa too. If you haven’t, it is our intention that your first trip stimulates a love of the continent that will go on and on.’

Safari & Beach’s highly responsible approach to tourism in Africa is also extremely admirable:

‘We strive for an Africa that is independent yet unspoilt. Tourism forms a vast percentage of many of the countries’ GDPs but in some cases can damage communities and their environment. We seek to partner suppliers who employ locally, respect local culture and environment and reinvest in the communities within which they operate.’

Here are Safari & Beach’s Top 10 inspiring recommendations:

1. The Great Migration, Serengeti, Tanzania

At the top of most safari enthusiasts list the “great migration” is the continuous movement of huge numbers of wildebeest and zebra throughout the Serengeti. These enormous herds migrate throughout the year following the seasonal rains that produce the freshest grazing and clearest water areas.  The migration’s specific location is entirely dependent on the rainfall patterns however it is possible to make a rough prediction of their location at any stage of their trek.

2. Skeleton Coast, Namibia

The remote northwest of Namibia with spectacular scenery, stunning coastal dunes, barren coastline, stark desert interior and home to the elusive Himba people. One of Africa’s most amazing places to visit.  There are two outstanding lodges – Skeleton Coast Camp and Serra Cafema Camp – which we would rank amongst the very best experiences in Africa.  For those looking for a Namibia safari this is a must for your itinerary.

3. Big Game Tracking, Botswana

A top quality safari guide can make animal tracks come alive and give you a far greater understanding of animals’ actions and movements during a Botswana safari.  Whether by vehicle or on foot, an exciting and engaging way to search for big game is to follow their tracks. To do this, you need to be allowed to drive off road or walk freely – which is one of the major advantages of the private concessions areas within Botswana.  Kwando and Linyanti concessions offer amongst the best game tracking opportunities in Africa.

4. Whale Shark Diving, Mafia Island, Tanzania

Diving in Mafia Island is one of the best places in the world to dive amongst whale sharks.  The whale shark season is predominantly December to March when the adults return but plenty of juveniles remain year round.  Mafia Island offers broadly very good diving and is more interesting for the experienced diver, although there is fantastic snorkelling too.  This is the largest national marine park in East Africa with ample variety of pelajic to reef fish, lots of good corals and few other divers.  The PADI dive centre at Chole Mjini is very a professional yet personal dive operation.  We recommend staying at the very cool Chole Mjini Lodge.  If you prefer a lower cost option, head for Mafia Island Dive lodge.

5. Walking Safari, Luangwa Valley, Zambia

A walking safari in the African bush is a truly wonderful experience.  When you are out on foot and there are no noises except the wildlife around you, your personal senses become very alive – it really is magical. The Luangwa Valley in Zambia can justifiably claim to offer some of the very best walking options in Africa.  If you are considering a Zambia safari this has to form a major part of your itinerary.

6. Gorilla Trekking, Virunga Mountains, Rwanda

To be able to track the mountain gorillas in the Virunga Mountains is one of the finest wildlife activities available in Africa. It is a highly exhilarating and emotional experience when you first set eyes on a wild mountain gorilla in their own natural environment.  At present the park has 7 habituated gorilla groups and strictly limits  56 permits available per day.  Sitting with the protected mountain gorillas in Rwanda is one of those lifetime experiences and will leave very special and romantic memories.

7. Climb Kilimanjaro, Tanzania

At 19,330 ft Mt.Kilimanjaro is the highest mountain in Africa and the world’s largest free-standing mountain. The view of Kilimanjaro rising up from its flat surrounding plains with its distinctive snow-capped peak is one of Africa’s iconic sights.  To climb Kilimanjaro is one of those life time experiences and is an immense tick-in-the-box.  We offer several routes up the mountain but would recommend Rongai route and Shira route as the most likely routes to succeed comquering the peak of Kilimanjaro.

8. Beach Hideaway, Pemba Island, Tanzania

Fundu Lagoon is a beautifully remote luxury lodge on the wonderful island of Pemba. It’s a truly incredible place. The lodge is privately owned and has been developed with a love for the natural environment that surrounds it. Apart from a perfect place to just kick back and relax Fundu has some wonderful activity options including some amazing diving.  Pemba island lying adjacent to Zanzibar off the Tanzania coast, this is a great option for those looking for a remote alternative to a luxury Zanzibar hotel.

9. Island Paradise, Vamizi Island, Mozambique

Vamizi Island lies off the coast of northern Mozambique in the Quirimbas Archipelago, a pristine marine wilderness with eight kilometres of white beach lying between indigenous tropical forest and turquoise waters – this is a genuine tropical island paradise.

10. Pure & Simple, Pongwe Beach, Zanzibar

Pongwe Beach is the best beach guesthouse on Zanzibar. Set within a secluded bay on the east coast, it has one of the finest beach locations anywhere in East Africa. A tranquil location; the ideal place to relax and enjoy Zanzibar’s distinctive, mellow pace. Dive into the crystal clear waters of the Indian ocean or stretch out and soak up the sun on the beach. This unique Zanzibar boutique hotel is a great value for money option.

Tanzania features repeatedly among these.  Their Classic Safari & Beach itinerary incorporates the first and last experiences on their listed recommendations with three of Tanzania’s most spectacular attractions thrown in for good measure Tarangire, Lake Manyara and Ngorongoro.  Simply the best!  Get in touch to find out more.