Dream Big With Hayward's Grand Safari Company

Hayward's Grand Safari Company

Grand safari greetings…

Imagine you could create something grand out of thin air.

That’s right, something as grand as a turn of the last century safari hotel. Paint the picture and fill in all the colours, the sights, the smells, the sounds. It’s a picture in 3D but with all 52 perceptions on at the same time.

It’s an ultimate canvas with built-in aesthetics and its placed in the exact environment you have always felt would be incredible for your VIP groups. Perhaps you have placed it in the heart of the Kruger or in a lost forest of Baobabs along the elephant trails of the Limpopo. It matters greatly to you where you put it as it’s your creation and you want above all, for those that visit it to understand how privileged they are to even be there, and what a rare opportunity it is to experience this environment.

It’s possibly in a field of blooming daisies under a broken mountain in Namaqualand, South Africa, or on an island surrounded by spice laden forests cooling the night air or on the edge of a forgotten lagoon in the heart of the Okavango. It is your imagination that is leading now, way out of any box and totally unencumbered by practicalities. Money and budget is not a consideration, the experience is everything.

Hayward's Safari Company - Desert location

You see a picture of the guests arriving on an old steam train, movie stars disembarking in the African dust to the hissing sounds of steam and coal. Land Rovers are pulling up alongside or …no wait a camel train complete with Tourag masters to flit you toward the secluded encampment across a series of dunes…overhead a twin winged Tiger Moth biplane swoops low over the camel train and drops bundles of clues as to where the lost oasis might be.

Supporting this dream is the last great African safari company, Hayward’s. Their task is simply to make it happen, just as you have imagined, maybe even a bit more here and there. It’s comforting to know that the Hayward’s team, get your drift and duplicate your intentions and purpose. Your beating heart is replaced by a firm certainty that the impossible, is truly possible.

Hayward's Safari Company - Tents

It’s a snap decision to where you feel would be the most exotic/privileged southern African location for your VIP groups to experience a totally exclusive private Hayward’s Grand Safari Camp.

See you on a grand safari…

Hayward’s is a 2015 Safari Awards finalist in a number of categories & has been nominated in many of the 2016 Safari Awards categories.

Share your dream safari location with us to stand a chance to win a weekend for 3 couples or a family at the Hayward’s Safari House in Dinokeng, South Africa.