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We don’t want to be sold to; we want to be inspired and we want accurate and useful information from intelligent well-informed sources. This is where we were coming from when we started the Good Safari Guide back in the early 2000’s.

We imagine that you have probably found your way here because you are looking for some advice or inspiration about going on your safari, and perhaps until now you have found only tour operators trying to sell to you. We imagine that you don’t want to be sold to, you just want a bit of help and to find your own way to an African experience that suits you and an operator that can help you make it a reality.

The Good Safari Guide was the vision of safari experts Rosanne Cobb and Henry Hallward, who wanted to create a platform where they could legitimately chat away about safaris without boring anyone. With its sister company the Safari Awards, it continues to share up to date knowledge about what’s going on in the safari world over ten years later.

How do you choose the safari lodges in the Good Safari Guide?

The Good Safari Guide’s sister company, the Safari Awards, invites votes throughout the year from travel experts and safari guests. A panel of the most experienced independent safari tour operators meets annually to vote on the shortlist of these 30,000+ votes. This process results in the Good Safari Guide shortlist.

The team at the Good Safari Guide visits Africa frequently to add its opinion to the views of the Safari Awards, and the Good Safari Guide full listing is created.

The Good Safari Guide is a collaboration and as such, we’d always love to hear from you if you’d like to share your experiences, publish your safari news, or indeed just chat to us about Africa.

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