Dry Season Safari in South Africa

dry season safari south africa

One of the primary reasons to go on a safari is to see wildlife, and there is no better time to see wildlife in South Africa than during the dry season. As the winter months progress, the bush dies back and thins out dramatically. With less vegetation obstructing your view, it much easier to spot animals that could usually hide … Read More

Wild and Wonderful Waterberg

Despite its relative proximity to the city, the Waterberg wilderness will make you feel like you’re in a wild world of your own. Here are three reasons why we believe that the Waterberg is one of the best places for a safari in South Africa: Spanning over 150,000 hectares, the Waterberg is one of the lesser-visited corners of South Africa … Read More

5 Most Romantic Safari Properties

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Tranquil candlelit dinners on the beach beside the soft rolling waves of the Indian Ocean, plunge pools surrounded by plains bristling with game, and bird calls announcing the start of the day as the sun lights up the African bush. If this sounds like the kind of getaway you dream of taking with your loved one, then these romantic safari … Read More

Family Safari Holidays

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Family safari holidays are a wonderful way to spend quality time together and bond whilst being immersed in some of the most picturesque parts of Africa. A great safari keeps the excitement of being surrounded by nature’s beauty and fascinating wildlife alive and interactive for the entire family. It is an excellent way to expose your kids to nature and … Read More

Southern vs East Africa Safari

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No two safari destinations are the same; this is just as true when comparing two regions. The Southern Africa and East Africa safari each offer different highlights that do not necessarily have to compete. Depending on how you wish to travel, what wildlife you wish to see and where you would like to bed-down at night, will all help to … Read More

Top 4 Most Romantic Safari Destinations in Southern Africa

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Be it a honeymoon, special birthday or just time away to spend quality time together, Southern Africa is a treasure trove of luxury, romantic safari destinations that will have you both swooning. Thoughtful touches and extra spoils such as romantic turndowns, luxurious bubble baths with spectular bush views or laid-back picnics next to the warm Indian Ocean all make for … Read More

Safari Camp vs Lodge: What’s the Difference?

safari camp vs lodge, safari camp, safari lodge, luxury safari, bush camping, Under One Botswana Camp, Robin Pope Safaris, Tongabezi, Garonga

Whether you’re travelling solo, as a couple or family, going on safari in Africa entails extensive decision-making throughout the process. An important one is, of course, where to stay and this can get a little daunting with the phrases ‘safari camp’ and ‘safari lodge’ popping up in all your online searches. If you need a hand distinguishing between the two, … Read More

The Mighty Rivers of Southern Africa

Under One Botswana Sky, Tongabezi, Robin Pope Safaris, Zambezi River, Chobe River, Shire River, Zambia, Botswana, Malawi, Victoria Falls, Southern African rivers, rivers of Southern Africa

As Southern Africa struggles to recover from a severe drought, life across the sub-region continues to feel the impact of water scarcity. If water is the source of life, then rivers and their vast tributaries are the means of passing on and sustaining the life of thousands of species of fauna and flora in Southern Africa. The Zambezi River is … Read More

What Makes a Top Honeymoon Lodge in Africa

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After months and months of wedding planning, you’ve said your vows, danced till your feet hurt and now you’re on your way to a top honeymoon lodge in Africa. This first holiday together as a newly married couple is the trip of a lifetime and deserves to be spent at a top honeymoon lodge. With all your needs taken care … Read More

New Camp Opens in the Okavango Delta

Botswana, Okavango Delta, Moremi Game Reserve, Under One Botswana Sky, Mma Dinare Camp, bush camp, safari camp, safari

In the south eastern corner of the Okavanga Delta lies a remote 67000-acre private concession that offers travellers the classic Botswana delta safari experience – beautiful views of watery floodplains, incredible wildlife sightings and luxury accommodation that fits seamlessly into its natural surrounds. Under One Botswana Sky is a well-established safari camp and lodge operator with properties located throughout the … Read More

Private Game Reserves vs. National Parks

A safari is a safari is a safari – right? Wrong. There are numerous factors to consider when planning your ideal safari itinerary that will ultimately end up impacting your overall experience. For example, choosing to travel to Namibia’s desert landscapes will be vastly different to visiting South Africa’s lush wilderness, the same goes for the type of reserve you … Read More

Dazzling Desert Safari Destinations in Africa

Desert safari, African safari, Botswana, Under One Botswana Sky, Gunns Camp, Pom Pom Camp, Nata Lodge, Moremi Crossing

One third of the earth’s landmass is covered by desert, with the largest being the sub-tropical Sahara if excluding the polar desert of the Antarctic. While many non-polar deserts are totally sand-covered, most are not. Instead, many are rocky surfaces that offer some of the most beautiful landscapes in the world. Apart from presenting remarkable views and photographic sunsets, desert … Read More

Where to Experience a Safari Lodge Pool with a Stunning View

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A safari in Africa doesn’t have to be all about taking to the bush in search of wildlife. There is another side of the experience that balances out the excitement you’ll feel whilst in big game territory. Luxury lodges and camps understand that your wellbeing is an equally important part of your holiday – that’s why many use a swimming … Read More

Adventure Travel Activities in Africa

adventure travel, adventure activities, African safari adventure, safari activities, Tongabezi, Zambia, Zambezi River

If you’re looking to get your heart-racing, a bit of adventure travel in Africa might just do the trick. Booking a holiday in Africa means different things to different people. Some enjoy the classic bush safari package and others a lazy beach retreat. There are other brave travellers that like to push past their comfort zone by participating in a … Read More

4 Luxury Safari and Spa Getaways in Southern Africa

safari spa, spa getaways, African safari, South Africa, Garonga

Indulge in these completely dreamy safari and spa getaways in Southern Africa. Safari and spa getaways are trending in the African luxury lodge experience, and for good reason too. After a morning walking or driving in the bush, there may not be a more complementary activity than a deeply relaxing massage. It allows your body to unwind and your mind … Read More

The Eco-Friendly Safari

eco-friendly safaris

The cost of traveling to the world’s most exotic and wild destinations comes at a cost far pricier than just plane tickets. From increased plastic wastage to the massive carbon emissions created by airplanes; travelling can leave behind a huge ecological footprint. While being environmentally friendly may not be the most exciting aspect to consider before travelling, it’s the only … Read More

Fairy-Tale Wedding in the Waterberg

wedding in the waterberg

Combining this spectacular scenery with some incredibly intimate accommodation options, traditional dancers, gourmet cuisine and horseback riding, a wedding in the Waterberg brings every little girl’s fairy-tale to life. Photo © Lotty H Photography/Ant’s Nest and Ant’s Hill Bush Homes The most obvious benefit of having a destination wedding is that it’s a great excuse to not invite every distant … Read More

Why Botswana Should Be On Your Bucket List

Botswana Safari

With its abundance of wildlife, endless vistas and ever-smiling locals, Botswana is a truly African gem. As a top holiday destination in Southern Africa, Botswana offers diversity in its natural fauna and flora, historical sites and cultural interactions, as well as different, fun modes of getting around. Whether you’re going on your first African safari as a family or abandoning … Read More

Glamping Getaway Vs Luxury Lodge: Where to Stay on Safari

Where to stay on safari

What might be perfect accommodation for a family on holiday, could be less than ideal for a couple on honeymoon. That is why it’s so important to consider your personal requirements, interests and tastes when deciding on where to stay on safari. Fortunately, there are no shortage of choices when it comes to fabulous lodges and camps in Africa. Unfortunately, … Read More

Child-Friendly Safaris for Adventurous Families

family friendly adventure

Families come in different shapes and sizes. What might be the ideal vacation for one family, could be a total nightmare for another. One fact is consistent among all families though; spending quality time together matters. And for a family that enjoys being outdoors and active, what better way to bond than on a safari in Africa? Safari holidays offer … Read More

Bespoke Safari Experience at Rhino Sands Safari Camp

  Specifically designed to bring an authentic safari experience in traditional East African style to Kwa-Zulu Natal, Rhino Sands is a luxury tented camp situated on a peninsula in the Msunduze River. While the camp is currently still under construction, it is expected to be completed in August and the doors will officially open to the public on the 1st … Read More

New Luxury Safari Camp Rra Dinare

Luxury safari camp Rra Dinare

The name ‘Rra Dinare’ means ‘Father of many buffalo’ in the local Setswana language, and the new luxury safari camp Rra Dinare is located adjacent to the buffalo-rich Moremi Game Reserve on the south-eastern side of the Okavango Delta. Become one with nature when staying in one of the eight luxurious tented abodes or in the family tent at Rra … Read More

5 Lodges Where the Elephants Come to You

5 lodges where the elephants come to you

Elephants are a good enough reason alone to go on a safari holiday in Africa. They are undoubtedly one of the most fascinating animals to watch in the wild. Chances are if you’ve done your safari research, you already know the best destinations to see elephants in Africa, such as the Okavango Delta, Chobe National Park, Addo National Park and … Read More