The Rescue of Bomani

Bomani the elephant

Bomani arrived at the Nursery bewildered and agressive towards the Keepers. It was not long though with the comforting rumbles of Tano, little Kithaka and Barsilinga that he soon realised that everyone was here to help him.

Sheldrick Trust Saves Orphan Bomani

Bomani the elephant

An orphan elephant reaches out to some humans for help, and luckily finds the Sheldrick Trust. This is a heartwarming story and an insight into not only the work that Sheldrick does, but into the extraordinary social behaviour of elephants.

Change of Address

Lions on the move up to Malawi

This August 4 lions are making their way up from South Africa to their new home in Malawi’s Majete Wildlife Reserve, all thanks to the generosity of Robin Pope Safaris.

Jack's Camp

The dramatic Makgadikgadi Pans is the backdrop to the striking and uncompromisingly unique Jack’s Camp in Botswana.

Swim for Nsumbu

Lake Tanganyika

‘Swim for Nsumbu’ pits a few brave and concerned people against whatever is found in Lake Tanganyika to bring attention to the plight and needs of Nsumbu National Park.

Chiawa Camp

Chiawa Camp Choir provide the rhythmic accompaniment to this atmospheric video showcasing the fabulous Chiawa and Old Mondoro Camps on the Lower Zambezi.

The Whales are Back!

Grootbos Villa Entrance

The Southern Right Whales are back for their annual world-acclaimed 6 months’ long performance – and Grootbos is the place to see them!

World Tourism Day & Sustainable Energy

World Tourism Day

With millions of people travelling the world each year, never before have so many people been to so many places, nor been so exposed to other cultures. WTD promotes tolerance, peace and this year- sustainable energy.

Migration Update from Asilia Africa

Migration of Wildebeest by Asilia Africa

Asilia Africa’s camps occupy the prime wildlife location of Eastern Africa and are privy to some of the most miraculous natural phenomena on the planet: migrations. Keep up to date by hearing what their guides are reporting this week.

Botswana's New Diamond

Selinda Explorers Camp Mess Tent

Opening 15 August 2012! Great Plains’ Explorers Camp has just four tents and is a new concept camp for Botswana; an exclusive-use camp located on the banks of the Selinda Spillway.