The Forgotten Five

Hyena at Garonga Safari Camp

We all know about the famous ‘Big Five’ but have you ever wondered how and why these selected 5 safari animals made it onto the list and why others didn’t? Of course, the reason the elephant, leopard, lion, buffalo and rhino rose to fame was because they were considered the most dangerous animals to hunt. What about those beloved species … Read More

Glamping Getaway Vs Luxury Lodge: Where to Stay on Safari

Where to stay on safari

What might be perfect accommodation for a family on holiday, could be less than ideal for a couple on honeymoon. That is why it’s so important to consider your personal requirements, interests and tastes when deciding on where to stay on safari. Fortunately, there are no shortage of choices when it comes to fabulous lodges and camps in Africa. Unfortunately, … Read More

A Beautiful Boma in the Bush

Garonga Bush Boma

‘The Boma’ –Definition: An outdoor entertainment area, usually thatched with open sides, in Southern Africa This simple structure has certainly morphed since its origins as a fenced rural fortress or livestock pen. These days bomas come in all shapes and sizes, and as the definition above describes, they fulfil a variety of purposes. Now mainly used as a social meeting … Read More

A taste of Africa on a Gourmet Food Safari

gourmet food safari RhinoSands_Jan2018_ClaireB (69)_preview

“Gourmet” and “safari” are not words that often get used together as they are perceived to be from two totally different worlds. The one from a posh high-end life and the other from a more rustic and adventurous life. Now, the 2 worlds have fused and you can be taken on a safari dining experience you will never forget. Here … Read More

Where to Find Wild Flamingos in Africa

Flamingo in Lake Borogia

In Africa, both lesser and greater flamingos can be found in large numbers if you know where to look. Despite their ballerina-like appearance, flamingos have evolved to live in some of the planet’s most extreme wetland environments, including caustic ‘soda lakes’, salt pans and hypersaline lagoons. As wading birds, they prefer shallow waters where they can easily feed on the … Read More

Safeguard Your Hippo Encounter

Hippos at iSimangaliso Wetland Park

Hippos are fascinating animals to observe in their natural habitat but it’s always best to try not to stir their inner beast so here we offer some top tips on how to remain friends on your hippo encounter. Additionally, we have listed some ideal safari lodges and camps from which you can safely experience the animal the Greeks named ‘The … Read More

5 Best African Sunset Destinations

African Sunset Cottars sunset 2

When it comes to sunsets, an African sunset is in a class of its own and has some of the best sunsets in the world. Sunset in the Masai Mara by Marcus Westberg Masai Mara National Reserve is one of the most popular tourism destinations in Africa. The endless grass plains boast an abundance of wildlife including the notorious Wildebeest … Read More

Experiencing the Chobe River

Forming the northern boundary of the Chobe National Park, the Chobe River is a blue vein twisting along geographical fault lines as it winds its way to the Zambezi River. Flowing through riverine forests, floodplains and open woodlands, the Chobe River is a source of life to the flora and fauna that inhabit its lush banks and the surrounding areas. … Read More

Cheetah and Leopard- Seeing spots on safari

feature leopard and cheetah

Spotting wildlife in Africa from the back of an open-top safari vehicle guarantees great adventures and memories. From elephants brushing past the vehicle to lions enjoying their lazy afternoons. But it is when travellers see spots that they really get excited. The leopard is part of Africa’s renowned Big Five, and nicknamed as the “elusive leopard” for a reason. Leopards … Read More

Why Choose a Zambezi River Safari

Sunset on the Zambezi

‘Safari: An expedition to observe animals in their natural habitat’ When first time safari goers are dreaming of their African adventure they usually picture a wide open, never-ending expanse of bush, a traditional safari Jeep and focus on the elusive Big Five. But if we accept the above definition of the word then we suddenly realise there are plenty of … Read More

The Best Glamping Sleep Outs in Africa

Garonga Safari Camp Bush Sleep Out

A sleep out in the bush no longer needs to be a mission. We find some of the best luxury camping sleep outs under the African stars. Once upon a time, sleeping out under the stars meant you would have to dust off the old tent and hunt around the cupboards for a sleeping bag still able to perform its … Read More

African Wildlife Migrations You Mustn’t Miss

Venturing vast distances in the search of food, ideal breeding grounds and more favourable living conditions, animal migrations are a true demonstration of nature’s determination to survive. The migrations are seldom easy, and come with many perils, however, these seasonal ‘survival of the fittest’ journeys are vital to the long-term success of the species. Travelling across oceans, over land and … Read More

Capturing the Magic of a Botswana Safari

Botswana is a magical safari destination full of endless adventures waiting for you. Botswana boasts with an abundance of wildlife, including Africa’s iconic Big 5 (Lion, Leopard, Elephant, Buffalo and Rhino), and indescribable landscapes. It is a place where words will never be enough to describe its true beauty and we can only rely on pictures to capture its magic. … Read More

Christmas Safari in Africa

Christmas Safari Feature 2

As the days in Africa start to warm up and mother nature bursts into lush thick greenery we know that Summer is here. While some are preparing for a chilly white Christmas, Africa welcomes a warm green Christmas. And just like the lyrics of Andy Williams’ popular Christmas song states… “It’s the most wonderful time of the year!” Many people … Read More

Top Tips For A Great Bush Wedding

Chris and Leigh Bush Wedding Garonga

Chris and Leigh marry at Garonga Safari Camp, South Africa So the boyfriend finally pops the question and suddenly the bride-to-be is on the hunt for the perfect destination wedding venue. The world is certainly getting smaller and all the while dreams and expectations are getting bigger! Let’s face it…the local registry office followed by some sparkling wine and sausage … Read More

Going Green on an Eco-Friendly Safari

Going green and minimising our carbon footprint has been on many people’s minds lately. After all, every single thing we do, every day, has an impact on the planet-  good or bad. Most people are already trying to do their bit to help the environment when at home, but how do you help keep things green when on a safari. … Read More

Child-Friendly Safaris for Adventurous Families

family friendly adventure

Families come in different shapes and sizes. What might be the ideal vacation for one family, could be a total nightmare for another. One fact is consistent among all families though; spending quality time together matters. And for a family that enjoys being outdoors and active, what better way to bond than on a safari in Africa? Safari holidays offer … Read More

The Great Migration: Interview with a Safari Guide

The Great Migration Serengeti a

The annual Great Migration, the greatest show on earth never seizes to amaze us. Millions of wildebeest along with thousands of zebras and a host of other antelope traverse on mass from the Serengeti to the Masai Mara, on a quest to find food and water. But, to get a front row seat to all the wildlife action we rely … Read More

Top 8 Safari Lodges with a Bathroom View

Bathroom View Garonga-9057

You are only officially on your luxury safari when you find yourself indulging in your first relaxing bush-setting bath or shower. The Swahili phrase “Hakuna Matata” (no worries) becomes a reality as you enjoy your well-deserved “me time”. Your troubles wash away as you take in the smells, sounds and views from your decadent bathing abode. Safari bathrooms have come … Read More

Birding Safaris: the Okavango Delta

Birds On Safari Tommy Mansson Pom Pom Camp

The Okavango Delta is at the top of many travellers’ lists as it is home to huge numbers of elephant, buffalo, lion, hippo, and almost every kind of antelope you can think of. But, the Delta offers so much more than Africa’s Big Five. The vast lush green wetland (15 000 km²) is a bird paradise. So, if you are … Read More

Should I travel to Kenya?

Should I travel to kenya

Everyone wants to go to Kenya. And rightly so, it’s a wonderfully warm, welcoming and beautiful country…! However, as a sign of the times, everyone has become a little wary of where they may travel. So we’d love to straighten up a few things.. YOU CAN DEFINITELY go on safari in Kenya right now – says the FCO! And to … Read More

Bespoke Safari Experience at Rhino Sands Safari Camp

  Specifically designed to bring an authentic safari experience in traditional East African style to Kwa-Zulu Natal, Rhino Sands is a luxury tented camp situated on a peninsula in the Msunduze River. While the camp is currently still under construction, it is expected to be completed in August and the doors will officially open to the public on the 1st … Read More

The Luxurious Life on a Glamping Safari

There is something magical about sleeping in a canvas tent, with the sounds of wildlife outside, knowing that the only thing between you and them is a fabric wall. However, we know what you are probably thinking: camping is uncomfortable and not exactly how you want to spend your holiday! But hear us out – you don’t have to be … Read More

When is the best time for a safari in Botswana?

You have probably heard of the 5 key questions, or the ‘5W’s’ to ask during any problem-solving situation. In case you can’t remember them from your younger years – the key questions to ask are: who, why, what, where and when. In the case of planning a safari, it can be a simple task if you ask yourself these five … Read More

On Safari: But What About the Safari Staff?

safari lodge staff

It’s easy to caught up in the front end glamour of going on a luxury safari: the cooling scented facecloths upon arrival, the sparkling drink we find in our hand as we step down from our chauffeured vehicle, the 5 course meal of exotic ingredients paired with the perfect wines. But we have more of a conscience than our fellow travellers … Read More

The Great Migration: Greatest Show on Earth

The Great Migration

The majority of the migration is made up of wildebeest, the largest of all antelopes. As part of Africa’s Ugly Five, the wildebeest might not win a spot in a beauty contest but they are the leading stars of the greatest natural show on earth. The Great Migration is the movement of great herds of wildebeest and zebra across the … Read More

New Luxury Safari Camp Rra Dinare

Luxury safari camp Rra Dinare

The name ‘Rra Dinare’ means ‘Father of many buffalo’ in the local Setswana language, and the new luxury safari camp Rra Dinare is located adjacent to the buffalo-rich Moremi Game Reserve on the south-eastern side of the Okavango Delta. Become one with nature when staying in one of the eight luxurious tented abodes or in the family tent at Rra … Read More

The Perfect Place for a Digital Detox Holiday

Digital Detox Holiday

When was the last time you read a book? Or the last time you dined out and didn’t glance down at your cell phone? Is it hard to remember a time when the mere concept of liking things had nothing to do with the internet? Detox digitally. 1. Make the decision to cut yourself off. 2. Announce your ‘disconnected state’ … Read More

Best Ethiopia Tour 2017

Best Ethiopia Tour 2017 - Gondar

Ethiopia is so hot right now! If you find yourself at a dinner party of the well-travelled, you can bet your bottom dollar that someone will be discussing their ideas as to the best Ethiopia tour. If the Good Safari Guide is good for nothing else, let it at least give you some one-upmanship knowledge for the dinner table. This … Read More

How to Become a Safari Guide in a Week

How to become a guide in a week: Group Lesson

Have you ever dreamed of being a safari guide? Perhaps you’ve imagined living in the bush, but felt lacking in knowledge or skills? Maybe you have craved more from a safari experience than luxury lodge can offer with its sanitised game drives and ‘time-wasting’ sundowners, but didn’t know where to look? Maybe you are constrained by commitments and assumed that learning bush … Read More

Rare And Wonderful Sightings In Kenya

rare wildlife sightings

While on safari in Kenya, rare wildlife sightings await you around every corner and behind every bush. Huge herds of wildebeest, or members of the iconic Big Five often make their presence known to the safari goer and the sheer abundance of wildlife in Kenya ensures the safari of a lifetime. Cottar’s 1920s Safari Camp is happily set in this Kenyan … Read More

Tanzania Safari for an 8 Year Old Child

8 year old boys on safari tanzania serengeti game viewing vehicle

I shed a little tear when reading this blog from an 8 year old on safari in Tanzania. In fact this is a blog by twins Harry and Felix, guests of sister company, tour operator Abambo Family Safaris, this Easter 2017. If you are thinking of taking your kids on safari, or if you would like an insight into the unique perspective … Read More

5 Lodges Where the Elephants Come to You

5 lodges where the elephants come to you

Elephants are a good enough reason alone to go on a safari holiday in Africa. They are undoubtedly one of the most fascinating animals to watch in the wild. Chances are if you’ve done your safari research, you already know the best destinations to see elephants in Africa, such as the Okavango Delta, Chobe National Park, Addo National Park and … Read More

Are you a Hero? Volunteering in Africa

3 smiling kids: volunteering in Africa

‘We at the Good Safari Guide think it is seldom the answer..’ Aid, whether in the form of supporting charities or volunteering in Africa, is a tough subject to tackle. Large scale charitable work in particular has had a rough ride in recent years. On a day when Donald Trump seems to be removing aid for those in need, ask the … Read More

African Wild Dogs

Tracking Wild Dogs at Saruni Samburu

African wild dogs: one of the most sought-after wildlife viewing experiences for experienced safari-goers. What is it about the African wild dog that captures the imagination? I am about to find out.. It is early morning at Saruni Samburu Camp. Here in the middle of this wilderness of over two hundred thousand acres I am on the point of sinking … Read More

Top 10 reasons to go on a horseback safari

“The essential joy of being with horses is that it brings us in contact with the rare elements of grace, beauty, spirit and freedom.” ~ Sharon Ralls Lemon There are many ways to experience the African bush, but few are quite as intimate, and simultaneously exhilarating, as a horseback safari. It is a unique experience that bridges the gap between man … Read More

Hyena Encounters in iSimangaliso

Spotted hyena in iSimangaliso, South Africa

‘Tourists come to Africa with this one special sighting in mind, adding it to their South-African bucket list.’ This is how Micahel Botes, ranger at Makakatana Bay Lodge sums up what most of the visitors he’s guided have in mind when on safari. They yearn to spot that one specific special animal to them. And they want to see it … Read More

From Waste to Wonderful – Cottar’s 1920s Camp and Responsible Tourism

Responsible tourism, Cottars 1920s Camp

‘This is something worth fighting for, for people, for wildlife and for the world.’ Calving Cottar from Cottar’s 1920s Safari Camp voices the importance of sustainability in today’s safari industry. Cottar’s 1920s Safari Camp has a great vision for the future: to be financially successful and sustainable for the next 100 years. The camp aims to provide an authentic and … Read More

Whispering About the New Rhino Sands Safari Camp

Rhino Sands Safari Camp

Situated in KwaZulu Natal, South Africa, there’s been a lot going on in the Manyoni Game Reserve lately. In addition to the reserve changing its name from the Zululand Rhino Reserve to Manyoni Game Reserve, other developments include the ongoing construction of Rhino Sands Safari Camp, which has the whole Rhino River Lodge team very excited. Imagine a classic yesteryear … Read More

Heartwarming Story from Iraq to Kenya: Manno is free!

Manno the chimp is rescued

A heartwarming story from Iraq: Manno this week took his first steps on Kenyan soil as a ‘free’ chimpanzee. After four lonely months in necessary quarantine, Manno ventured outside in his new home at Sweetwaters Sanctuary, and set eyes upon other chimpanzees for the first time in his living memory. Manno’s Rescue Manno’s rescue from abusive conditions in Iraq was … Read More

Safari Stories by Calvin Cottar

Masai Mara safari

‘I learnt many things – fear (I was run up trees by buffalo and lion more than a few times!), exhilaration, wonder, humility and knowing just how vulnerable and weak us humans can be compared to the magnificent African mega fauna that I was exploring.’  This is how Calvin Cottar, from Cottar’s 1920s Safari Camp, nestled in Masai Mara in … Read More

5 Fun Facts About Hippos

Big, round bellies and wide-mouthed yawns. The Hippopotamus is an impressive sight in the African wilderness. Hannah Forsyth from Makakatana Bay Lodge in South Africa lists a few fun facts about these chubby, grey creatures: 1. The name hippopotamus means ‘river horse’ and is often shortened to hippo. 2. The hippo is generally considered the third largest land mammal (after … Read More

Safari Relaxation and Wildlife Wonderment at Garonga

Little Garonga, South Africa

‘We arrived at Little Garonga and checked into the magnificent Buckingham Suite. There are only 3 suites at Little Garonga so this really is the height of exclusivity!’ This is how a recent Garonga guest, Claire Roadley was introduced to her very own safari sanctuary, Little Garonga, nestled in the Makalali conservancy in South Africa. Claire describes her safari escapades … Read More

Free Private Guiding and Private Vehicle

Sausage Tree Zambia guiding team

This is the news we like to hear: free private guiding and private vehicle when on safari! And this is the news from Sausage Tree in Zambia, one of the Good Safari Guide’s much loved camps. ‘We are all about giving guests the very best experience possible.’ says owner Jason Mott. ‘In order to add value we include private guiding … Read More

Ants Award Nomination: Ultimately Unique Safari Experiences

We are pleased to announce that The Ant Collection has been nominated as a finalist in the Tusker Ultimate Safari Experience Awards for 2017 in the category ‘Ultimately Unique Safari Experiences’. What are the Tuskers? The Tuskers are a celebration of Africa’s ultimate safari experiences showcasing what the Safari Index panel have deemed to be the best of the best … Read More

What Are Park Fees For?

Conservation in Zambia

Ever wondered what the Park Fees & Conservation Levy charge actually goes towards? Following on from our theme on the cost of a safari, with Abambo’s guest post last month on how to save money on safari, (and Abambo’s own post about how much it costs to go on safari), here is Potato Bush Camp & Sausage Tree Camp’s guest post … Read More

In Search of the Perfect Safari

lion and safari vehicle

What makes the perfect safari? That question is undoubtedly a popular one amongst travelers searching for the ultimate safari destination. We asked a few different types of ‘experts’ and this is what we found. We asked Johan Taljaard, a ranger at Makakatana Bay Lodge, located in the iSimangaliso Wetland Park in South Africa: ‘First I think that one of the most … Read More

Under One Botswana Sky Announces Two New Delta Camp Openings

Under One Botswana Sky is planning to open two new camps in the Okavango Delta this year. The camps will be located within a 67 000 acre private concession, adjacent to the renowned Moremi Game Reserve. The first camp, called Rra Dinare (Setswana for ‘Father of many buffalo’) will open in June 2017. The camp will consist of eight tents … Read More

Cottar’s Gives a Glimpse into Nocturnal Masai Mara

It is no surprise that the Masai Mara grasslands offer a truly remarkable wildlife experience to safari visitors. But many don’t know what happens in the Kenyan wilderness when the day gives way to the night and safari goers head back to camp. Cottar’s Safari Camp has recently installed a camera trap at the camp that provides a glimpse into … Read More

What a Christmas on Safari is Actually Like

Musango christmas safari

Written by Natasha from The World Pursuit Herds of elephants taking mud baths, long boat cruises on a lake, different nationalities coming together for a Christmas in Africa – that’s what we experienced on our 2016 Christmas safari in Zimbabwe. We managed to drive away from Victoria Falls happy as clams after seeing the “Smoke That Thunders.” However, what lay in … Read More

All Inclusive Africa – What $500 a day can buy you

Sindabezi Island, Zambia

When it comes to an all-inclusive holiday, most people picture exotic beach resorts like the ones you see in almost every travel brochure ever created. Mexico, Maldives, the Caribbean – no matter what beach destination it is, there’s something about leaving your wallet in your room and not having to worry about paying any bills at the end of your … Read More

Cheap Safari?

money Saving with Porini

Top 10 Money Saving Tips for Going on Safari Guest Post By Abambo Safaris Fact: there is no such thing as a cheap safari. Safaris in Africa are more expensive than other types of travel, even just for the park fees before you have even thought about accommodation. Have a look at our recent blog post: How much does it … Read More

Cottar’s Bush Villa – an Intimate Safari Retreat

‘As the sun dips over the Maasai Mara and Serengeti Plains, wildebeest on their annual migration can be spotted from the deck of a private homestead located on a pristine conservancy in Kenya’s south. This is Cottar’s Bush Villa, a luxurious contemporary home accommodating up to 10 people and offering the most sublime ‘Out of Africa’ experience imaginable.’ – Signature … Read More

Camping Experiences in the Delta

Hop onboard your mokoro, a traditional dugout canoe, and trek through the winding channels of Botswana’s Okavango Delta, encircled by hundreds of lily pads and papyrus leaves. Silently observe the Delta wildlife, ranging from an antelope grazing on the grassy banks to a fish eagle soaring up in the air and a hippo popping its head up from under water. … Read More

Bush Bath Pampering at Garonga

How about drifting into a complete sense of relaxation whilst awakening your senses to the delicious smell of scented bath soap and the sound of a grunting lion somewhere in the distance. The mix of wilderness and luxury is what makes Garonga Safari Camp’s bush bath a uniquely inviting experience. After a long day of wildlife viewing an opulent bubble … Read More

3 Exciting Facts About White Rhinos

‘On a recent game drive we were lucky enough to encounter this incredible animal. We took the opportunity to discuss the friendly behaviour of the rhino towards us viewing him. My guests where amazed by the fact that the rhino passed so close to us. It was an incredible sighting.’ Tristan is one of Makakatana Bay Lodge’s game rangers. He … Read More

The Musango Magic as felt by Guests

Those who don’t believe in magic have never been to Musango. This may sound like a very bold statement, but the truth is that Musango holds a special magic for those who travel to their private isle on Lake Kariba. It’s a magic that keeps guests coming back year after year. So, potential new visitors, consider yourselves duly warned – … Read More

Tour de Tongabezi with Luxury Travel Blogger

guest post opportunities

Top luxury travel blogger, Misha Gillingham from Wildluxe, recently visited Tongabezi for two nights and documented her short trip with a camera and GoPro in tow. We’re so thankful that she did because my oh my, it is a wonderful account of what it’s like to stay there. Although the Victoria Falls is one of the top reasons many people … Read More

A Christmas 'Wrap-up' from Ant's Nest and Ant's Hill Bush Homes

Seasons greetings and a look back at 2016 from Ant Baber, owner of Ant’s Nest and Ant’s Hill Bush Homes:  As I sit here on my verandah I can see the constant brilliant flashing of lightning in the hills to the west, and the deep rolling roar of the thunder. The flashes illuminate the heavy dark clouds attached to the … Read More

Seasons Greetings from Cottar’s 1920s Safari Camp

mosquitoes on safari

‘Spending Christmas in the Kenyan wilderness is always memorable, comfortable and full of delights’, says Calvin Cottar, the founder of Cottar’s 1920s Safari Camp. The end-of-year holidays are indeed a wonderful time to travel to Kenya and create a vibrant celebration in Africa’s seductive atmosphere. Cottar’s 1920s Safari Camp and Bush Villa, situated on the border of the Masai Mara … Read More

Chobe Safari Lodge Hosts Orphan’s Christmas Party

As part of giving back to the local Kasane community, Chobe Safari Lodge and Chobe Fish Eagle recently hosted an annual Christmas party for the orphans and physically and mentally disabled children of Kachikau Special Unit. This year’s party took place on the 2nd of December 2016. The initiative started in 2009 / 2010. This year’s event was the 7th … Read More

A Sneak Peek into Garonga’s Safari Sleep Out

Picture yourself in the thick, untouched African bushveld, surrounded by nothing but wilderness. A night spent on a safari star bed is certainly a night to remember. Marvel at the starlit skyline and listen to the trembling roar of a lion, as you get ready to experience a night in the bush. Take a peek into Garonga Safari Camp’s sleep … Read More

The Wonderful Life of a Woodpecker

best time to go on safari

If you’ve ever heard a woodpecker tirelessly pecking at a tree, the origin of its name probably doesn’t come as a surprise. But did you know why they peck at trees? ‘All tree-dwelling woodpeckers peck trees as form of communication, to build nests and to get invertebrate food hidden in the bark or wood’, explains the ranger team at Makakatana … Read More

The Best Safari Lodges in Africa 2017

I want to go on safari next year, but how do I know where to go? Where are the best safari camps in Tanzania, for example, or Kenya? I know guiding is important, but who are the best guides? Where do I find great guiding teams? Can anyone tell me if there is a ‘best safari lodge in Africa 2017’? … Read More

Lions do the funniest things!

There’s no hiding the fact that lions are the kings and queens of the animal kingdom. They whole-heartedly embody the symbol of strength and courage. They have few competitors and as an aside, they are royally good looking. Behind all the battle scars and good looks though, did you know lions like to have fun just like the rest of … Read More

Mad Love for Elephants at Musango

“I look into your eyes, soft and deep with secrets, and I wonder; what paths have you travelled in the seasons of your life? What knowledge and stories do you keep to guide you? What is it like to go for days without water and then find it again? Are camelthorn pods really so delicious?” –Bush-bound Girl Rachel Lang puts … Read More

Hyenas Challenge Wild Dogs at Garonga Safari Camp

There is never a dull moment in the wild Makalali bushveld. Makalali Conservancy, located near the Kruger National Park in South Africa, is known for fantastic wildlife viewing opportunities all year round. Recent Garonga Safari Camp’s guests were treated to yet another exceptional sighting during a game drive in this vast wildlife playground. Garonga safari guide, Jeff and his group … Read More

3 Reasons to Visit Chobe in Botswana

There is no safari destination quite as unique and diverse as Chobe in Botswana. It is not too often you can view a variety of water-loving creatures, like crocodiles, hippos and a range of water birds while seeking out the Big Five in the same wilderness. Here are Under One Botswana Sky’s top three reasons to visit Chobe: 1. Elephants … Read More

Cottar’s Welcomes a New Furry Team Member

Cottar’s 1920s Safari Camp welcomes an orphaned male Eland called Bahati to the camp.

Cottar’s 1920s Safari Camp has had an eventful beginning of the month. The camp has had quite an unexpected new addition to the team. An orphaned male Eland called Bahati (Swahili for ‘Lucky’) recently joined the Cottar’s crew. After keeping an eye on Bahati roaming the savannah alone for two days with no sign of his mother, the Cottar’s team … Read More

Sweet summertime cocktail recipes by Tongabezi

The forecast of summer in Africa: Sunny and hot with 100% chance of cocktails. Those who find themselves with their bums on the beach or in the bush in the summer are the lucky ones. The days are longer and hotter which means more time to frolic, swim, or simply reserve a seat in the sand. The mandatory accompaniment to … Read More

3 Reasons to Go on a Family Safari at Makakatana

Makakatana Bay Lodge game drive, © Paul Changuion

A safari may not yet be first on your bucket list when deciding where to go for your next family getaway. Yet, a trip to the deep African wilderness can be an experience that both the grownups and the young ones will cherish. Here are three reasons to visit Makakatana Bay Lodge for a family safari: 1. Activities In addition … Read More

What’s for Lunch Flamingo?

Pink, fluffy feathers, a curvy neck and a slender pair of legs even supermodels would die for. Flamingos are a truly unique species. And the birds’ physical appearance is by no means the only feature that distinguishes these beautiful creatures from their peers. Annelies from Makakatana Bay Lodge, situated in Lake St. Lucia, South Africa, explains that flamingos have adopted … Read More

Pom Pom Camp’s Legendary Predators

Seeing a predator in the wilderness is a thrilling affair. And there is no better place to do that than Under One Botswana Sky’s Pom Pom Camp’s private concession, tucked away in the heart of the majestic Okavango Delta in Botswana. Leopard and lion sightings are a frequent occurrence in this predator paradise. The camp’s guests are often lucky enough … Read More

The Kali Brothers Take Down a Buffalo

The great wildebeest migration is in full swing and the Masai Mara and Serengeti grasslands have turned into action-filled wildlife playgrounds. Recent Cottar’s 1920 Safari Camp’s guests have been lucky enough to get front-row seats to fabulous displays of wildlife mischief. Every year hundreds of thousands of wildebeest make their way through the border between Tanzania and Kenya before heading … Read More

It’s baby season in the bush!

It’s the cutest season of all on safari and that’s because it’s baby season in the bush! From late August until November and onwards into southern Africa’s green season, animal babies abound on safari. The rains transform the barren, dry landscape into one ruled by a variety of lush, green vegetation. This means more food and water for all the … Read More

Know your Plants on Safari – Part 1

Shifting the focus from fauna to flora, one plant at a time. There is something magical about seeing wild animals in their natural habitat. Nobody is denying that. But going on safari shouldn’t necessarily be all about the wildlife when there is so much more to appreciate about being in the African bush. The flora can be just as fascinating … Read More

Instagrammers Get Active in Zanzibar

Kiteboarding in Zanzibar

There is more to a beach holiday than tan lines, cocktails, and pretty sunsets. While it’s nice to kick back in the sand and become what it means to be a beach bum, some coastal vacations are meant to get your feet wet. Cue Zanzibar! Part of its allure is the activities that abound below and above the water. The … Read More

Bush and Beach Escapades at Makakatana

If you think a safari is merely about cruising down the dry African savannah onboard a game viewer with the hope of spotting the elusive leopard or the impressive lion, think again. Combine a traditional safari experience with a trip to lush wetlands and pristine, golden beaches and you can tick complete African experiences off your travel bucket list. Makakatana … Read More

Under One Botswana Sky Launches The Magic of Botswana Photo Contest

Under One Botswana Sky's the Magic of Botswana Photo Contest

From mesmerizing safari settings to colourful sunsets and wonderful wildlife, Botswana demands to be photographed. To celebrate the photographic wonders of this African haven Under One Botswana Sky and our six lodges and camps in Botswana offers safari enthusiasts a chance to win a stay at the properties. Capture the magic of Botswana on camera and submit your photographs to … Read More

Celebrations with Elephants at Musango

Lake Kariba elephant

Special occasions are best celebrated while on safari. Musango Safari Camp understands this and so do the elephants that surround their Lake Kariba homestead. They are big show offs and treat guests to trunk performances, water shows, and spectacular vista views at sunset. But the entertaining ellies aren’t the only reason guests flock to their private island for special occasions. … Read More

3 Predator Cats on a Kill at Garonga

Sharp claws, round spots, fluffy tails and fierce eyes. This is what recent Garonga Safari Camp’s guests were fortunate enough to encounter during their game drives in the wildlife rich Makalali Concession, situated near the Kruger National Park. Jaffeth, one of the Garonga guides, gave his guests plenty to talk about at the dinner table when the group witnessed a … Read More

Cottar’s Camp’s Top 10 Safari Packing Tips

‘What to wear today?’ We are all very familiar with this dilemma. But when planning a two-week long African safari the predicament gets even trickier. Cottar’s 1920s Safari Camp shares their top 10 safari packing tips: 1. Choose versatile items. When deciding what clothes to bring, packing items that can be styled in a few different ways is the key … Read More

The Dog House you want to be in!

It’s not all too often you want to be put in the doghouse, but when you visit Tongabezi Lodge you’ll want to voluntarily check in here. They have turned the “doghouse” stigma on its back, ready for a tummy rub, by naming one of their luxury houses nestled along the Zambezi River after it. Dreamy, out of this world, and … Read More

Wildly Magical Mnemba

Whether you’re a diver, snorkeller, or a bystander on board a traditional dhow, the consensus is Mnemba Atoll is wildly magical. Situated just off the north-eastern tip of Zanzibar, it consists of a tiny privately owned island and a seven by four kilometre oval reef that has been declared a marine conservation area. Beyond the facts though, Mnemba oozes exclusivity … Read More

Stargazing at Lake Kariba

Lake Kariba is Africa’s largest man-made lake and is widely known for its stunning sunsets, fighting tiger fish, and boating safaris. It’s only once the sun sets and the skies darken that this wilderness setting tells a different kind of story. It is a narrative that twinkles. Tucked away on a private island on the shores of Lake Kariba, Musango … Read More

Wildlife Wonderment in the Masai Mara

The Great Wildebeest Migration is in full swing, with wildebeest and zebra covering the Mara plains as far as the eye can see. It’s all action, with something going on in every corner and wildlife dotted here and there jostling for the best spot. The river crossings continue in full force with an estimated 1,000 wildebeest crossing the Mara River … Read More

Lending a Helping Hand/Hoof at Ants

“The objective of the Ant Collection is to create sustainable tourism by means of conserving the environment around us, enriching the lives of our guests and staff alike as well as uplifting the community and providing as much skills and development to the locals as possible.” – The Ant Collection In a developing country such as South Africa, the tourism … Read More

Livingstone Island through the eyes of a guide

“It must be magical,” I hear you say, “To be able to walk the footsteps of Dr. David Livingstone on a daily basis as a tour guide of Livingstone Island.” To stand at the highest point of the Victoria Falls day after day must be a real treat. Tongabezi Lodge can attest to this very thought. They are the first … Read More

Garonga’s New Look

From ‘wet elephant’ to ‘the Manhattan bar in the bush’. After three months of intense refurbishments, Garonga Safari Camp, nestled in the Makalali conservancy near the Kruger National Park in South Africa, has reopened. The idea behind the revamp was to bring the camp into the 21st Century with a brand new look and feel. The camp has indeed gone … Read More

3 Reasons to Visit the Makgadikgadi Salt Pans

‘The Makgadikgadi, a vast salt pan deep in Botswana, must be what the planet looked like before humanity appeared, and what it will look like after we’re gone.’ This is how Todd Pitock, from National Geographic Traveller, describes Botswana’s Makgadikgadi Salt Pans, one of the largest salt flats in the world. Here are three reasons to visit this lesser-travelled, yet … Read More

The Incredible Heart of a Giraffe

Have you ever wondered why giraffes drink water with their legs spread wide apart? Makakatana Bay Lodge shares a few facts about these fascinating creatures: Gravity is a giraffe’s biggest enemy, they have to bring their heads completely down to be able to drink water or to feed on lower shrubs. Their forelegs are longer than the neck so it … Read More

What it takes to be a Rhino River Lodge Ranger

Don’t be fooled when you’re on safari. The life of a game ranger may look easy and idyllic but in reality, that impression couldn’t be farther from the truth. It takes a lot of hard work, dedication and sacrifice. We chatted with Kyle Naude from Rhino River Lodge to find out a bit more about what it means to be … Read More

Students soak up Zanzibar Island

Zanzibar has it all. Beautiful tropical beaches, unspoilt diving destinations, and cultural influences that stretch from Europe to Asia. These are just a few of the characteristics that keep adventurous students racing towards an exotic island holiday. And we’ve got the proof! In a recent Zanzibar Watersports’ Trip Advisor review, a group of 22 students from Bingham Academy in Addis … Read More

Sleeping Under the Stars at Garonga

The starlit African night sky and the distant sounds of the wilderness keep you company. You are spending the night in the heart of the African bushveld. Just imagine the thrill and awe of it. Here are three reasons to spend a night out on Garonga Safari Camp’s sleep out deck and experience being part of the Makalali bush after lights … Read More

The Life of a Ranger at The Ant Collection

Located in the pristine wilderness of the Waterberg Nature Reserve, The Ant Collection seems like the ideal place for any nature lover to work in. But being a ranger is not just a job, it’s a lifestyle. It requires a deep rooted passion for the wild and willingness to commit your life to nature and conservation. The 31st of July is … Read More

Lunching Lions of the Masai Mara

Masai Mara in Kenya is heaving with wildlife action. The wildebeest and zebra continue their migration across the river and cover the surrounding grasslands. The migration period is a time of indulgence for lions that laze about the Mara plains, well fed and healthy. Cottar’s 1920s Camp’s guests and staff have witnessed various fabulous sightings of lion kills and prides devouring … Read More

There’s a first for everything in the bush

What happens in the African bush doesn’t stay in the bush. Most bush-based moments and accolades are just too spectacular not to share. Perched on the banks of the Zambezi River, just upstream of the majestic Victoria Falls, you’ll find Tongabezi– a lodge renowned for pushing the boundaries of what can be accomplished in the middle of the bush. They … Read More

Getting to know Zimbabwe’s top ranger

“There is so much more to the bush than what you read about or see on television. My job as a guide and wildlife enthusiast is to introduce you to its wonders.” This is how Steve Edwards, owner of Musango Safari Camp, describes his role as a top ranger in wilds of Zimbabwe. With World Ranger Day approaching on the … Read More