Baby Animals of the Masai Mara

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It has been baby animals galore on the plains of the Masai Mara in Kenya.

Professional wildlife photographer, Nick Dale, recently visited Cottar’s 1920’s Safaris Services for a classic Masai Mara safari complete with stunning views of Kenya’s endless plains and, of course, abundant wildlife. Excitingly, he spotted many baby animals preparing for a life in the wilderness. From big cats to primates and gentle quadrupeds, the Masai Mara grasslands have been brimming with new life.

Take a look through Nick’s lens at the baby animals of the Masai Mara:

Three lion cubs keep each other company in the grass © Nick Dale Photography

A frisky blue wildebeest calf crosses the sandy path in leaps and bounds © Nick Dale Photography

A male olive baboon looks forward as his two infants play a game of rough and tumble on a rock nearby © Nick Dale Photography

A mother cheetah cuddles into her cub in a moment of peace and quiet © Nick Dale Photography

A steenbok calf rests in the grass © Nick Dale Photography

Apart from its size, the Masai giraffe calf is almost the spitting image of the adults in its species © Nick Dale Photography

An infant vervet monkey holds on tightly to a tent rope as it tries not to fall off © Nick Dale Photography

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All images, including feature, courtesy of Nick Dale Photography.