Alex Walker's Serian Pyramid of Life Safari

AWS - early morning on the Kimuma Plains

It’s that time of year for the Alex Walker’s Serian award-winning guide team to brush up their skills under the expert tutelage of Chris  Stamper – and this time, you’re invited.  Join them on a 3-week odyssey from 1st – 22nd March 2015, designed to  showcase a progression through 3 different components  of the Serengeti Mara Ecosystem: 7 days in the Masai Mara, followed by Northern Serengeti, wrapping up in Southern Serengeti.

Their guiding is a cornerstone of the Serian experience, and the key to what they’re all about. Be part of how they get their guides to the high standards they uphold, and gain an insight into the wealth of knowledge that comes with the territory.

AWS - Pius on Sugar Loaf

The beauty of the Serian team is that it melds two complementary systems of knowledge: centuries-old bushlore, inherited with myth, intuition, and a lifetime of  absorbing the wilds by osmosis – and scientific learning, which peels back the magical processes to examine them under the cool gaze of a microscope. The combination of the two yields an immeasurable wealth of insight into
these magical spaces.

AWS - Wogakuria in the rain

Imagine a week’s immersion in each environment, allowing you to explore, document, draw, paint, photograph, and learn with their awesome crew… and if you’re unable to get away for all 21 days, pick the week that suits you best!

Week 1: Kenya’s Masai Mara – A week at Serian ‘The Original’

Billy's Impala

In the lush green Mara North Conservancy, observe the transition of rainfall to sustenance, and follow the chain from primary production to herbivores, to carnivores, to decomposers… A great spot to kick off, the density and abundance of game will habituate you to the plethora of wildlife that this landscape hosts. Experience the nocturnal element with drives after dark, and learn to see the land through the eyes of the Masai inhabitants that we work with.

Week 2: Tanzania’s Serengeti North

AWS - MT Rhino on the plains SN

Follow the Mara River down to Northern Serengeti where a flycamp is set up. Now that you’ve eased into life in the wilderness, it’s time to learn some proper bush skills, taking camping back to its basic elements for a closer connection to the wild. Focusing on the river and the rocky outcrop landscape by day, this is also the perfect spot to stargaze by the campfire, and map the skies with astronomy lessons.

Week 3: Tanzania’s Serengeti South

AWS - Wildebeest newborn

Head down to the furthest tip of the Serengeti and emerge amidst the wildebeest calving season: 2 million gnus giving birth to 3-400,000 young, and all the predator action that attends. With all the birds dazzling in their breeding plumage, this is the perfect spot for ornithology. The geography as the plains give way to the Rift Valley and Lake Eyasi is endlessly beautiful as well as fascinating, and this is a stunning spot to explore the macro elements on walking safaris. Here, the resident Hadzabe hunter-gatherers will unveil their symbiotic relationship with their environment and impart their ancient wisdom.

The Alex Walker’s Serian award-winning guide team have yet another trophy to put up on their mantlepiece.  On Sunday evening at a glitzy London Safari Awards ceremony they walked away with the 2015 Best Safari Guiding Team and the very man himself Alex Walker won the 2015 Best Safari Guide.  Suffice to say you’ll be exploring the Pyramid of Life in phenomenal safari country with the best in the business.