A Child-Friendly Safari With Horizon Horseback Adventures

Horizon - family safari

Have you asked yourself “should I take my children to Horizon, is it the right holiday for my family?” Kate Coleridge from Handpicked Africa tells us her view…

“I can still remember my first days in Africa. Driving north out of the city watching the suburbs thin out and the buildings give way to flat topped trees and bush, endless blue skies and a road that ran straight to the horizon.

Even as an adult those first impressions, sights, smells and imaginations of Africa had a huge impact on me and still register in my memory as excitement and adventure. Long days in the saddle, skittish Kudu, painted zebras, otherworldly sunsets, panoramic vistas, epic rides, they filled up my senses and wrote their own stories on my life. It was a childhood dream come true and something I have had huge joy in redistributing to my own child and to others.

Horizon - children on horseback & giraffe

There is an adventure gene in everyone that is longing to find the source of the Nile or stumble upon king Solomon’s mines and as I remember my first few moments on the “Dark continent” I realise that the same yearning waits in every child to be released.  If it is that much magical fun for me as an adult,  imagine what it will do for your children.”

Horizon - riding through the water

More about Horizon

Horizon has been in successful operation in South Africa for over 20 years, and it’s reputation and Trip Advisor reviews are consistently outstanding.  Horizon has horses and rides to suit all ages and all levels of ability from nervous novice to competitive professional. The quality of the horses, guides, and riding terrain, coupled with a huge variety of riding activities, makes Horizon a popular and wonderful choice for all.

Horizon is a member of the Good Safari Guide 2015 as the 2015 Safari Awards Best Riding Safari runner up in Africa. It comes as no surprise that one of the many nominations Horizon has received in the 2016 Safari Awards is non-other than Best Family Safari Experience.  Both encompass the 2 things Horizon lives & breathes.

Horizon - child-friendly safari