3 Reasons to Visit Chobe in Botswana

Elephants in Chobe, Botswana.

There is no safari destination quite as unique and diverse as Chobe in Botswana. It is not too often you can view a variety of water-loving creatures, like crocodiles, hippos and a range of water birds while seeking out the Big Five in the same wilderness.

Here are Under One Botswana Sky’s top three reasons to visit Chobe:

1. Elephants

The Chobe area is often referred to as ‘The Land of Elephants’. The title is, indeed, fitting as Chobe boasts one of Africa’s largest concentrations of elephants in a single region. The impressive, long-trunked beauties can often be seen frolicking in the river or grazing in the bush. Whether you’re a seasoned African traveler or first-time safari goer the amount of elephant sightings you will encounter in Chobe will astonish you.

Elephant in Chobe, Botswana.

2. Chobe National Park

Chobe National Park, nestled in northeastern Botswana, is the country’s first national park and one of the top safari destinations in Africa. The area is the meeting point of four distinct ecosystems, ranging from lush wetlands to dry savannah. Thus, the park is home to an unbelievably diverse selection of wildlife. It is not uncommon to see large herds of elephants, the majestic buffalo and even the elusive leopard during one game drive in the park.

Chobe National Park, Botswana.

3. Safaris

Offering game drives and river safaris as activities, Chobe sets out a unique combination of experiences that not many other safari destinations can provide. Chobe Safari Lodge and Chobe Bush Lodge offer game drives in Chobe National Park as well as boat cruises along the wildlife rich Chobe River for the ultimate wilderness experience. Guests can spot a range of big game animals in the park and continue their viewing experience on the river, frequented by hippos, elephants, crocodiles and a variety of bird species.

River safari in the Chobe National Park with Under One Botswana Sky/

From our favourite grey giants to game viewing in one of Arica’s most diverse national parks and wildlife spotting on a river with the magnificent Botswana wilderness as your backdrop, Chobe is well worth a visit.