3 Predator Cats on a Kill at Garonga


Sharp claws, round spots, fluffy tails and fierce eyes. This is what recent Garonga Safari Camp’s guests were fortunate enough to encounter during their game drives in the wildlife rich Makalali Concession, situated near the Kruger National Park.

Jaffeth, one of the Garonga guides, gave his guests plenty to talk about at the dinner table when the group witnessed a cheetah hunt and kill an impala. The female cheetah, with a cub of about five months, was exhausted after the kill and had to rest before she could open up the carcass. Unfortunately for the cheetah and her offspring, a leopard came and snatched the kill right in front of their eyes.


The very next morning Jaffeth and his guests returned to the sighting only to find out that a few lions had stolen the kill from the leopard. Three different cats on one kill – wildlife viewing simply doesn’t get much better than this!